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  1. In one day he went from...very likely he won't play....might possibly play...he feels "better" got in a limited practice and might play. Lol I think he will play, but the dangerous question that nobody has or will have the answer to is, how well and how long will he play for? At this point we can only say WTF, and roll the dice. (Unless you got some super team and you got Gurley and Barkley chillin in reserve) Rule no. 1 is start your studs.
  2. Fair enough in that circumstance. But In my leagues the only people that get paid are 1,2,3 place so in that case I think its a douche move for the bottom guys to pick up anyone.
  3. Anyone that makes a waiver claim now and is out of the playoffs needs to be kicked out of your league, that just ain't cool.
  4. I have the same choice to make. I think its a fairly easy one- Moore. Boyd has not bene that great when he is the WR1 on the team, and to top it off he has a backup quarterback throwing him the ball. On the other hand, you have Moore on a desperate Panthers team, playing against divisional rivals Saints on Monday night football.
  5. DJ doesn't look like the '16 version.........but I'm not sure yet if its a decline in him or just general crap going around that horrible team. Carson Palmer is miles ahead of the new rookie Rosen. Arians is miles ahead of the new coach. That combination meant they were a threat on more than one level. The Cardinals are just a baaddd team. I think its more like Gurley year 2 syndrome.
  6. Can we trust DJ this week? Starting him with little confidence. Just when I thought they were getting away from the crap usuage of McCoy, with trademark runs up the middle for nothing, they went right back to it. What gives?
  7. I'd say Chubb, ...but why not perhaps both? What is your full roster, that might help the choice.
  8. Unfortunately, you need to wait till the last minute to make this call. IF MG3 sits, then Jackson. If he plays, then go with Gordon.
  9. DJ, Ingram, Ware Good luck!
  10. Yeah. Huge upside with a match vs New Orleans OR he implodes and Fitzmagic is put in after the first quarter...
  11. I dunno if I'd play either guy but Pettis seems like the better option to me with Garcon hurt and Goodwin iffy as can be, he is the no.1 there. Samuel has lots of competition.
  12. With Michel and Burkhead back in the mix, and it being standard, I'd roll the dice with Ingram here.
  13. I like your lineup as it is, but I would be very torn on which QB to go with there. Probably Luck is the better option because they will probably be losing and need to throw and score to keep up.
  14. Team 1 for sure. QB's are less likely to destroy you, his RB's are not world beaters unless MG3 plays, that seems like the least risky. I have to say- I would hate to have to pick my opponent , talk about tempting the Football Gods!
  15. Time for playoffs and I'm really torn on who to play here in Round 1. Apologies in advance for the long post, but this is LIFE OR DEATH. lol. Full PPR league Roster: QB- Rivers WR- Davante Adams, A. Humphries, DJ Moore, Tyler Boyd RB- DJ, MG3, Ingram, Chubb, Lamar Miller TE-Reed K- Zuerlein Def- Chicago We play 2 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 1 flex (W/R/T) Which guys would you play? I'm considering picking up Buffalo Defense instead of playing Chicago vs the Rams... At TE, I don't know if Reed can be trusted, hasn't had a great season and now we got Sanchez at the helm. Waiver's is a ghost town, I could pick up Cameron Brate in his stead? WR- Adams is a must play, so then its about which other guy? Humphries has been good lately. Boyd is now the man with Green out, but they suck and are using a backup QB... DJ Moore has upside but is risky... Rb- I got lots of options here, but its all down to who to play? IF MG3 plays, he will be very risky I would imagine but lots of upside. I think I want to go QB- Rivers, WR- Adams WR- Boyd RB-Chubb RB- MG3 (DJ if MG3 doesn't play) TE- Brate Flex- Lamar Miller Lite Def- Buffalo Any help appreciated! WHIR!