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  1. Can you trust the Cards reports though on who is playing ? Lol I'd go with Boyd if Edmonds is unavailable (though Edmonds has a tough matchup vs Saints run D)
  2. Really torn on this week 8 matchup for my flex spot. Full PPR There is Chubb who is great, but has a horrible matchup vs the Pats in Foxoboro. I imagine the Pats gameplan is going to be to stop Chubb and force Browns to win via the air. Juju, who has a good matchup against the Fins (although the Dolphins aren't as bad against WRs as one might think) problem with Juju is you never know what you're gonna get now with him. Scary Terry Mclaurin- at Minnesota, Thursday night game, Skins are a mess but he is a baller. This one is another dart throw. What say you? WHIR!
  3. Standard scoring. Mark Andrews at Pit or Kittle at home vs Brownies. I'm leaning Andrews because he's been consistently putting up good numbers, yet every ranking has Kittle higher. He hasn't done much lately.... torn what to do. My opponent is playing Jimmy G against me, so it might be sneaky to use Kittle WHIR
  4. David Montgomery? If you can hold on till Hill is back, this is a no-brainer. Monty at this point is not blowing the lid off and the situation in Chicago is not ideal.
  5. Man, some tough calls. Im debating Saints D (I see stats wise Jameis has never played lights out in NOLA, but they seem to be rolling now), Eagles (great matchup but their defense hasn't done s--- for fantasy purposes this year against some weak opponents), or Titans (i like this a lot IF Allen is out). My opponent has Jameis Winston at QB so the Saints would be the bold play...
  6. He is too good/has too much potential to just drop....and yet situation and performance equals he is not good enough to start. One of the things that makes ya hate fantasy football.
  7. Two of my teams look great on paper just getting disappointing returns on several big names..Ugh! I almost wish I was just getting blown out and I had horrible drafts but I feel like my teams have huge potential if certain guys would play up to their ADP...
  8. I really believe(d?) in this dude but as we have examined the situation, it just sucks all around how they use him and the other lack of any passing threat, Nagy etc. etc. etc. I might hang on to him a little while longer, just to see what the story is without Mitchell- but otherwise I think I have to actually drop him.
  9. You know I might just roll with both these guys this one, one in the flex. Not feeling my other options...Two TE's sounds like a bad idea but maybe not with these two guys.
  10. This is a really tough call and I'm not sure its not just a lateral move....Still, I would probably make the move for the reasons you've stated.
  11. Lol. Nice one! Forgot to mention WHIR!
  12. I have managed to pick the wrong guy at the TE spot almost every week. Full PPR. Waller @ Indy Andrews at home vs. the Brownies. I'm leaning Waller this week for some reason. Probably because I want to chase last weeks points.
  13. used the wrong term. Meant all the other receivers.
  14. He's got a cool name at least. Definitely going to monitor him but that backfield is so crowded unless you are in a super deep league can't see that I would roster him.
  15. Having owned DJ many times, I had to pass on him this year, just too many concerns. He definitely has upside though. It all depends if this Murray/Kingsbury offense works or not. So far the terrible line and bad blocking has me concerned Murray will be running for his life the entire season. In the end, nobody knows. They really need to use him creatively in space and involve him in the passing game. He's the ultimate hybrid back. Last year the way they used him drove me crazy. Hes not a pound the ball up the middle again and again guy.