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  1. Agreed. I’ve never understood the Bridgewater love.
  2. I don’t think they actually view him as a QB.
  3. Not really. Breida got limited run because it was a blowout. Breida is the 15-17 touch guy in this backfield.
  4. Glad I appear wrong since I own Andrews. Hope you are as fortunate!
  5. Picked him 5th overall. Couldn’t be happier.
  6. Sitting in favor of JuJu/Watkins/Ridley. Still like him but want to see some targets.
  7. Mariota is atrocious. How he still has defenders I will never know. At no point in his career has he ever been above average, and he is certainly not better now than he was a rookie/sophomore. This is his last year starting in the NFL.
  8. Dalton supported two top 15 options last year so I’ll go with high end WR2/strong start until proven otherwise.
  9. He never won’t be treated like a third down back because he is a third down back. Every coach he has ever had has treated him as such, and it’s looking like the coach who people thought hated him most will actually be the one who got the most out of him.
  10. Picked him up in dynasty hoping for a 3rd year break out with a star rookie QB, but he is worthless this season.
  11. This was my #1 draft strategy this season. Based off week 1 my team is stacked. Sorry for encroaching on you people’s safe space.
  12. I only watched the 4th quarter, but he would’ve had 80 yards and a TD alone in that quarter with 30+ different NFL QBs. The 44 yard grab would’ve been a 75 yard walk in TD with any NFL QB with a functioning arm. 200 yards and 2 TDs was pretty easily within reach, it was crazy.
  13. No I am completely serious. He has speed to burn and you can’t touch him. How can you cover a guy with his speed and moves if you can’t put a finger on him? You can’t. He is wide open every single play, and would be a WR1 with a QB that could deliver him the ball, but that’s not going to happen this season, so we are left to imagine what if...