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  1. My team: ARod Barkley Conner Julio Sanders Olsen/Reed Mack Bench Drake Ridley Gordon AP Watkins HOU def aaaand will not get in the playoffs with the highest point total in my league. lost 5 games by 6 points or less
  2. what happened here, looks like they abandoned the run way too early and that bibbs td was frustrating
  3. Steelers fan here and conner owner. If the steelers and this clown that pretends to be a head coach have any chance of getting near a sb, then they need bell and they need him in good shape asap. Defense is straight up trash, I had a hope they would make a move on Peterson but apparently they re good with burns. So unless the offense gets all the help it can get by utilising their best players, meaning both Bell and conner, then steelers are gonna lose another year of their (closing) sb window. It's not good for fantasy owners of both but that's what needs to happen. To think that they're gonna sit bell out deliberately out of spite (it's not like they were paying him to sit) or that bells chooses to sit out is absurd. Of course though with tomlin being tomlin and the circus in the locker room anything is possible. Anyway my two cents as a steelers fan is I think it's gonna be rbbc.
  4. Stop and think for a second. Bell is gonna report as late as he can, Steelers not gonna rescind anything because they dont want him to be a free agent and lose the 3rd pick and Bell is gonna take a couple weeks to get back into form, probably having a serious role from week 12 onwards. Although I really don't think they are gonna use him like last year (which strangely works for Bell's favor). I think they're gonna use both which of course is not good for Bell and Conner owners.
  5. MIA backfield is exactly the same as DET. You see who the best back is but for some strange reason the coaches insist on dinosaurs (Blount, Gore)
  6. Mack injury baited me into starting Drake....Unless HOU goes up by a lot of points its gonna get ugly for Drake
  7. Well he had 8 targets previous game, no coutee, logged full practices, xavien howard probably on hopkins. all signs point to a good game from him but then its TNF, anything can happen
  8. guys, dont get your hopes up about howard, first down was a play action from the 2 and nearly intercepted granted even douchebag nagy wont risk turbisky int again
  9. I really cant understand NFL coaches. KJ is maybe your best player right now, let's just give it to Blount who cant even get 2 yards in 2 attempts. I'd like to think that he's gonna see that Blount is not that good at getting short yardage anymore, but that's just wishful thinking. Blount is gonna be back
  10. Guys it really doesnt take a rocket scientist to realise you cant start him. If you simply cant afford to bench him then I hope you had a good draft in the other positions otherwise theres always next year