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  1. He'll hit some 3's and score a bit, nothing exciting to see here, fine for end of bench if that's what you need.
  2. I also think Lavine will have an MVP-esque season. Can't believe he slips past round 5 ADP.
  3. For balance probably like Kyrie then Vucci. Or Drummond then Simmons and punt FT, Westbrook may work too.
  4. Went with an AST/FT punt in my last H2H $$ draft tonight. Last pick snake. Missed Rui/Thy at the end unfortunately. Will probably swap Cedi for NAW or use as wire slot overall.
  5. Same here. Went RoCo 36 then Bam 37 in one of my bigger $ leagues.
  6. Grabbed him at the end of 3rd in one of my biggest H2H $$ leagues. May thy lord bless me this season.
  7. Which picks did you follow up w/ in the next rounds?