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  1. Personally im keeping Brantley, but would try to find someone else maybe to drop to pick up Ozuna. Do you have any other options? What does the rest of the team look like?
  2. I know I was being dumb....
  3. What just happened?
  4. Nice, thanks. I figured it was something like this. Just wasn't sure if you had some kind of other process for it. Best of luck to your team
  5. I know the league is full, but I like the idea. Just have a question on if you don't mind answering. What happens when real life players get traded to a different division?
  6. How high are you on Tomas?
  7. Lynn for sure, contract year, doesn't seem to have an innings limit. For the other one Liriano seems to pitch much better with Martin catching. Wacha has had a nice bounce back spring and finally seems healthy. For me it would be Lynn and Wacha while keeping an eye on Liriano
  8. Same here and his lineup has improved since he was last consistently in the lineup. I know ive bought him in leagues
  9. I always like to look at the matchups. Like to get a team that tends to strikeout a lot. Also in my league we have a matchup transaction limit. I like to get guys that could land me 2 starts that week as well. I tend to avoid pitchers in Colorado
  10. For me it depends on the flow of the draft, but I do like to nominate guys I don't want at all. I like to let others spend their money on them. But that is just me personally. If you notice a pattern, I like to nominate those guys as well. Example, guys that love Boston, Cubs, or Rockies lineups I like to throw them out as well.
  11. Me, I just don't see MVP type of numbers right away
  12. His value only goes up with the more Wainwright struggles. I know ive bought Lynn in leagues where people have seem to forgotten about him
  13. Sounds like someone just trying to drive down his value. How many people that you draft do you keep the whole year? Every single one of them?
  14. Was I the only one who noticed the Johnny Cueto flair he had going on last night?
  15. I liked this USA team a lot actually. What could they have done differently, besides get the "studs" everyone wanted. This was the money ball all star team. Ya pitching didn't have the dudes, but they showed up when needed