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  1. Me, I just don't see MVP type of numbers right away
  2. His value only goes up with the more Wainwright struggles. I know ive bought Lynn in leagues where people have seem to forgotten about him
  3. Sounds like someone just trying to drive down his value. How many people that you draft do you keep the whole year? Every single one of them?
  4. Was I the only one who noticed the Johnny Cueto flair he had going on last night?
  5. I liked this USA team a lot actually. What could they have done differently, besides get the "studs" everyone wanted. This was the money ball all star team. Ya pitching didn't have the dudes, but they showed up when needed
  6. My guess is Ryu is the 5th starter in that rotation at some point, they say he is going to start the season on the DL. Kazmir doesn't crack it, I don't think he makes the team out of ST, unless he is on the DL. Wood is long relief, and his best chance to be a starter full time again is if he gets traded. Hill and Urias are going to get scheduled days off and starts skipped. I wouldn't even be surprised if they throw out a 6 man rotation at some point in the season as well. McCarthy is a guy I haven't heard much on this ST, but at some point he will get hurt, it is the Dodgers starting pitching we are talking about Gibson the definition of a see saw. He will either give you 6-8 innings of 0/1 runs or 3 innings with 6 runs or more. Never any in between. As a Twins fan ive seen this all way too much. He is either on his game or he is not
  7. Could be that he is hurt right now, so that his value has dropped would be my guess
  8. I know Duffey and Adalberto Meija are battling him for the 5th spot. Meija has posted solid numbers as well. Came over in the Nunez deal, served his suspension last year.
  9. @jfazz23 Did you see Ryus stat line today, another solid outing by him
  10. Hyun-Jin Ryu- The forgotton man in LA. Has posted solid ST numbers(which doesn't always translate), but when he was healthy he was solid. Ive targeted him in leagues until I hear that he isn't starting or is on the DL, but even then you can keep a spot for him. It could pay off
  11. Ervin Santana-Twins
  12. I understand where you are coming from as well. In the league I am the commissioner in, I just make just P. No RP or SP
  13. Personally I don't think anything wrong with exploiting that loophole of having an SP with dual eligibility. Kris Medlen a few years ago comes to mind when he was with the Braves still, people did it in my league. No one complained. It is no different than having Hanley last year as OF and 1B eligibility. He played as an OF the whole year for me, didn't set foot in the OF as a player Now onto your question. Danny Duffy, Matt Andriese is another. Alex Wood if he gets traded and starts. Micheal Wacha, Steven Wright and Clay Bucholz are some more
  14. Edwin, Myers, Bregman, Sano, and Duffy
  15. Hyun-jin Ryu worth a flier, im targeting him. He looks healthy and has posted two solid ST starts. Kazmir looks on the outs. When he was healthy he posted very solid numbers