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  1. MLB Future International Imports

    Good article, thanks for that
  2. Keeper Trade WHIR

    I would take that. You are getting the 2 best players out of the deal in Stras and Kluber. Especially if you weren't planning on keeping Quintana and Holland
  3. Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh Divisional Game

    He very well could have. But why doesn't Ben just QB sneak it there? He needed a foot
  4. Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh Divisional Game

    Todd Haley's gonna get fired mid game
  5. Post Season FF

    Man this is tough, QB-Keenum, Big Ben RB-Dion Lewis, Kamara WR-Jones, Funchess TE-Kelce Flex-Gurley K- Elliot, Succop D-Bills, Jaguars
  6. 2017 Completed Trades Thread

    Dynasty. Before the season started. Inherited a team. Twins fan. I traded Aaron judge and Jesse winkler for Jose berrios and Lucas Giolito.
  7. 2018 Do Not Draft

    Players fighting a suspension through the courts.
  8. New 11 Team Roto League

  9. You can assign a 2nd person LM duties. Once you leave I think then they will take over as acting LM
  10. Melvin Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    I just traded him, Landry and Watkins for Ajayi and Jordy.
  11. How many teams? You could maybe upgrade at K. Id look into Brian Goodson at LB over Dion Jones. If you like what you see switch them, if not keep as is. Otherwise solid IDPs
  12. Start sit Diggs or Parker? WHIR!

    Diggs. Landry is going to tear up the Saints, not sure how much is left for Parker
  13. Start Who? whir

    Garcon- ESPN Garcon-WR Gordon-RB Powell-Flex... No Forte someones gotta touch the ball
  14. 14 team league. Started 0-3. Full point PPR. Absolutely need a win. Who should I start, right now I have Watkins and Hogan in. Really leaning toward Watkins at least. Pick 2 Sammy Watkins-vs DAL Chris Hogan-vs CAR "Buck" Allen-vs PIT
  15. Thanks, that is who I have in as of now.
  16. Who to start?WHIR

    Riddick, Coop, and Rudolph
  17. 9/24/17 - Bengals @ Packers

    Icing him on the extra point. I like it
  18. Commissioner's Corner (2017 Edition)

    @Dreams And Dwightmares We had that problem a couple years ago. We would draft at night as well. Yes it got long and people did fizzle out. I moved the draft up in time. Started at like 3ish instead of 7sih. Had a potluck and has worked better, as people can eat and drink and get done at a reasonable time. We also shoot for a Saturday draft if possible as well. We then go through everyones draft and debate the best pick they made and the worst and what not.
  19. Commissioner's Corner (2017 Edition)

    I dont see any wrong in this veto. This is why as a commish you have the veto power. Question what were the reasonings behind the trade, did they try to justify it at all? Is this a money league? Are they friends? I have this happen every year with a set of brothers, and every year same outcome. Once one is eliminated they try and trade their best players for garbage to each other. I get called Goodell every year by them ha.
  20. Just finished my last draft night. It was an auction draft. 12 team .5 ppr. Not sure how I feel about it QB-Mariota RB-Lamar Miller RB-Marshawn WR-Mike Evans WR-Martvias Bryant FLEX-Devante Parker TE-Delanie Walker K-Chris Boswell DEF-Giants BN-Jonathon Stewart BN-Blount BN-Corey Coleman BN-Rob Kelley BN-Zach Ertz At some point I will need another QB
  21. 12 team .5 ppr

    Thanks, thats what I was thinking too.
  22. With your WRs, take that deal and run