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  1. When is his next scheduled start? Thursday or Friday. ESPN showing Thursday but everything else shows Friday.
  2. Looking to hold onto one of these guys. Which would you guys prefer ROS?
  3. Mondesi, Moncada, Bieber, Soroka
  4. Got one spot left and want to add another SP. 5x5 head to head league. 10 team league. Chris Archer, Sonny Gray, Yu Darvish, Griffin Canning, Zac Gallen
  5. I sure hope they start winning and make a case to be buyers at the deadline instead of sellers.
  6. Think it’s time to try and take offers for him? I mean going to LAD probably won’t get any save chances unless Kenley gets hurt.
  7. Sorry I’m new to posting in here so here a link from one of the sites I seen this news on.
  8. Do we think Brad Hand gets dealt to LAD? As a Hand owner do I try and deal him now, or cross my fingers and hope he’s stays put?
  9. Similar injury gives me a general idea but doesn’t mean the same exact. Judge and Gallo have similar injuries and timeline seems about a month different. I see timeline of 2-3 weeks possibly until baseball activities continue and I also see there’s no real timeline being established by the team. Making long me feel like it could be more serious and take more time than we believe.
  10. Do we expect him back anytime soon? Someone dropped him so I stashed him on the IL. ESPN blurb on him says something about him possibly resuming baseball activities in 2-3 weeks? So maybe he’s out a 4-6 weeks coming back sometime mid July? Does this seem realistic?
  11. His pitching arsenal is better. Might not show up in the stats but he has the best pure stuff in that bull pen.
  12. I would say yes. Still the best pitcher in that bull pen by far. Even though I’m also a Leclerc owner so I may be biased.
  13. Problem with my league is it’s a 10 teamer and maybe half of them are willing to trade. I sent offers for like Acuna, Harper, etc but no bites. I think the DTD beside the name scares people off.
  14. I tried unloading him yesterday, no bites. I don’t know if I wanna deal with his injuries all season long.
  15. Getting Hand who is under contract with CLE for I think 2 more years is very nice and at that price is awesome. Garcia has a ton of upside and Peacock seems like a question mark but his outlook is looking good right now. Bauer is struggling now but is young so losing him would be tough but I think if you are okay trading a potential ace for locking up saves and steals then do it. Hand at that price seems like a steal to keep.