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  1. Bro... It's a wrap Other teams should just start prepping for the off-season at this point.
  2. The league vetoed my Wall (+ 2) for Bron (+1) when the surgery news dropped 2 hours before the trade would have processed. I have Cov, Capela, and Boogie too. Plus DBook and THJr. (LaVert too) I stopped giving AF after the league screwed me, otherwise I'd be stressed out these past 2 weeks. I think the Rockets def make a move though. Turn ya Woj notifications on and be the first to the wire when the news drops I guess.
  3. Nice. Anyone got any good stream options for tonight? (Injuries, rest, matchup, revenge game, etc)
  4. Why THE f--- do they keep giving and then taking away a steal from Covington?! Did he get the 2nd one or not?
  5. Made a trade that would have processed at 5:00 today. I traded: Wall, AG, R Jax, Tim Hardaway I receive: Bron, CJ McCollum, Lou Will Then the news last night. And the news now. Trade now vetoed. Dropped Wall for Derrick White (haven't watched 1 spurs game this year) to go for the win this week b/c lord knows I'll now need it. How did this happen...
  6. Turner and go from there. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738915-who-to-start-for-blks-on-1223-whir/
  7. Think Robert Williams plays enough min with Horford back and Morris questionable to get a few blocks? Either that or T. Bryant, BAMBA, or Isaac
  8. Hadn't noticed b/c he's only a complimentary piece on my team, but wow Joe's been ****ting the bed. Korver effect?