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  1. Not only that but the rams made some blatant penalties that weren't called as well. Kinda evened out in the end
  2. Its a shame that haters have to ruin discussion boards by letting their personal feelings interfere with discussions
  3. You know that someone is weak and not credible when they cannot back up their claims, evades questions or flat out ignores you
  4. Well youll notice that teams got caught for the same cheats or worse. Yet their cheats went unnoticed or that nobody cared
  5. Its also proven that teams cheat more and more frequently but their cheats get swept under the rug... probably because they dont win or aren't relevant or doesn't fit the narrative...
  6. Then you would notice that the pats aren't even close to most cheating team
  7. Seems that you hate the Patriots sinse you're devoting yourself to exposing them as cheaters, but cant even present an argument that even loosely fits your narrative.
  8. It doesn't matter who made it, it just matters if its factual
  9. You can hate them all you want. But calling cheaters is just being a sore loser
  10. Wow so the authority on cheating doesn't know of or wants to talk about cheats that dont fit his narrative. Pathetic
  11. How come when the jets and Seahawks deflate footballs there no peep from you or the media?
  12. 2007, what else you got. theyve won like 3 superbowls after cheating. So you couldn't possibly claim that they cheated every year sinse getting initially caught
  13. Or you can just back up your claims, its not hard at all. Im truly amazed that you're upset about getting challenged on your baseless claims. If you dont like it then dont talk s--- on rotoworld. If you talk s--- expect to get challenged