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  1. Lol the waivers for suggesting playing in real leagues. Guys that play in 6 man leagues or whatever have no business posting here
  2. It wasn't bad luck at all. Mayfield throw med ball and almost got him killed.
  3. Except for that brady is known to play well in bad weather, and especially cold games
  4. Unless there's any strong evidence he wont be suspended. The nfl isnt going to suspend a player based on allegations from years ago. There wasn't even a police report. Wasn't Zeke investigated by multiple police departments?
  5. The difference is that Zeke actually had a police investigation. This is a girl that bypassed the police and went straight to the nfl/civil. Apples and oranges my friend
  6. I don't even think its even a debate anymore that bradys miles ahead of manning. Dont get me wrong i like manning, but bradys just such a better player
  7. I dont think you guys understand the pats. Im not saying brady is gonna be s---y. Im just saying that he will have some really bad games because the pats abd brady only care about winning. If it takes 30 runs to win a game they'll do it, and it will translate to bad fantasy production. Just dont use him against teams bad against the run
  8. Plus the Steelers are weak in the air so thats what the pats attacked. Bradys pretty up and down. When they play teams weak in the air, they air it, weak against the run? Then run it down their throats. Brady has a pretty low floor due to that and the fact that he's a team a player. He doesn't go for stats or tds, he just goes for wins and that translates to high ceilings and low floors. Temper your expectations