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  1. This is easy. Drop Hachimura for House. Saric is 2nd best option and Paschall 3rd.
  2. 14 teams, 9cat, H2H, Redraft league I am getting offer to get Porzingis, VanVleet and Warren for Adebayo, Anunoby and Washington? I am weak in rebounds and blocks, so I will just punt that categories. I need 3points, assists, FT%. Plus I will get scoring. Is this deal good for me?
  3. You are giving too much. Isaac will finish in top 40. I would like to Capela side add something more to balance this trade.
  4. Conley is better in all that combinations.
  5. 14 teams, H2H, 9cat, Redraft league I am thinking about trading mine Adebayo and Paschall for Porzingis. After few injuries I have to change some things of my team. I have always problems in rebounds, so I am thinking about giving rebounds and to get plus in 3 points made. Is this trade ok for me? Do you guys expect from Porzingis to be again top 25 player?
  6. I would also drop Zeller. Zeller in last 3 seasons played 62,33 and 49 matches, so you can guess that injury can happen again. Also Zeller is slowing down in last few matches (expect this last match vs 76ers).
  7. Dont drop Collins. Yes, you would be better team in this this while he is suspended, but that would be stupid move. If you drop him for Favors you will just lose value of a great player like Collins. Stream a lot and try to stay competitive.
  8. Easy veto. Your friend should learn how to at least use ranking or anything that simple.
  9. 16 teams, H2H, 9cat, Keeper What you guys think about Hayward and Dejounte for his Trae Young? He is trying to get from me Dejounte since this season started. He asking about every 3 days. Who wins this trade? I consider to try to get Young via this trade.
  10. Yeah, I accepted that. I expect from my team to be huge this season with: Beal, Irving, Turner, DLo, Hayward.
  11. H2H, 9cat, 16 teams, Keeper league Guy is offering me injured Gordon Hayward for Brook Lopez. I think that I am close to accept it. What you guys think?