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  1. great player, all-time great in the making.
  2. it didn't look that bad tbh... hopefully, he will be ready for the fantasy PO / next week.
  3. crap crap crap... Ibaka was a steal at my draft, now he is drop candidate. shame...
  4. is this guy dead? it was "only" a sore ankle ffs...
  5. Who to drop out of those 3 (I need to vacate my IL spot, Punt FT build)?
  6. scoring and rebounding disappeared las few games... extra rest during ASB will do him good, hopefully.
  7. this "resting" trend in nba is crap... sucks for fantasy
  8. Jingles' slump is going on for too long... hopefully, he will be better after asb. strong hold.
  9. He doesn't like to sit... hopefully his %'s go up a bit.
  10. both will be picked up ithe n competitive/deep leagues.