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  1. in deeper competitive leagues he is going in the 3rd round... for me, only concern is Wiggins and health.
  2. Harden, durable and is absolute monster in pts, 3pts, ft%, ast and steals.
  3. Kawhi easy. he will play 65+ games I think and is safe bet in the 2nd round.
  4. 14team 9cat h2h league. I'm picking AD first overall, but cant decide on 2nd and 3rd pick. will probably go with Siakam 2nd JJJ or Roco 3rd for stocks. toughts?
  5. no fg% and ftm is a cat? harden clear no.1! 😂
  6. pick AD and wait for JJJ and D.Mitchell at the turn... stocks galore!
  7. he will be great again, probably best bet for h2h redraft leagues...
  8. great player, all-time great in the making.
  9. it didn't look that bad tbh... hopefully, he will be ready for the fantasy PO / next week.
  10. crap crap crap... Ibaka was a steal at my draft, now he is drop candidate. shame...