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  1. Anthony Davis for Giannis? WHIR!!!

    All these deals work it's just a matter of which one the other will accept. Try the first and then maybe the second. I also thought about trading my AD for the Freak since they are so similar...kinda.
  2. JJJ + Isaac for Vooch (WHIR)

    I think it depends on who is on the waiver wire. Both Isaac and JJJ are mostly stocks and threes. The trade off for Vuc is that he doesn't give you the same stocks, but he'll give you 9 boards and 1 three along with percentages and points. It may be that these two were your stocks guys for your team and in that case it may not be worth it, but if you have steals and blocks elsewhere you could risk being average in stocks and stream whatever other stats you need.
  3. Should I accept? Whir

    I think the Love side
  4. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Can't quite remember where I saw this, but I read that they are going to check up on his ankle tomorrow instead of today.
  5. Pickup Crowder for Eric Gordon

    Gordon is slightly more valuable
  6. Gary Harris for my Marc Gasol?

    Depending on your situation with bigs, in my opinion Gary Harris eat Marc Gasol's lunch everyday and twice on Sunday. I'm a big Gary Harris fan. Owned him last year and loved it until he went down with that leg issue.
  7. Hart, then Jones, then Boban. I think someone else said it when they were talking about the "Boban Trap". It's real. He's never going to really break out. Not sure what it is, but coaches like him for a few minutes, but never long term or anything. Daman Jones will get the job done by doing the dirty work and being almost literally the only center on the team (I think Looney and Bell are more PF/undersized centers). Josh Hart should be able to stand out among the other Lakers just by his shooting stroke alone, let alone his defense. I think like in Brooklyn, the norm might be timeshare with a 10man rotation, but Josh Hart will be too good to ignore. I hope I can get him and I hope he turns out to be Gary Harris lite. Plus that playoff schedule is nice.
  8. 12 Team 8 Cat League Bobby Portis may not be a long term gem with Lauri and Parker breathing down his neck. Josh Hart looks like he may run away with the job or at least earn the lion share of the timeshare. Would you do this trade? Does it sound a fair? Or maybe switch out Monk or attach him to the deal? My Team: C: AD, Aldridge, Whiteside, J. Collins (IR), Portis PF: Otto, Gallinari SG: Middleton, Hield, Gordon, Monk, Danny Green PG: J Rich, Tyreke Evans
  9. Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Spot on, bro! I didn't know anyone else drafted him and dropped him in the exact same fashion I did. His FG% was trash and I couldn't take it I stuck with Justin Holiday (awkward chuckle). Wish I had him back tho.
  10. Richaun Holmes 17-18 Season outlook

    dropping him tonight
  11. Otto Porter Jr. 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Yo, I'm playing 8 cat H2H and picked up Otto mid 4th. This dude is ballin' out for me. Before today's game BBM had him ranked at 11, punting TO's of course. I love this guy!!!
  12. Kevin Durant 2017-2018 Season Outlook Not even a Durant owner, but damn!!! Gotta give credit where credit is due. 6 freaking blocks!!!