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  1. What the hell, man! Why didn't you want to do this before I dropped you. Oh well, congrats to those who timed MIllsap on the upswing.
  2. Cut Hayward. If I had to gamble on one producing it would be Will Barton.
  3. My bad, I guess I glanced over that bit of information there. And while taking that into consideration I still think you should definitely try to open up a streaming spot if possible, but it is very difficult for someone outside of your league to help assess your options. Looking at your core players, you have assembled a very strong punt assists team where the vase majority are ideal punt assist players and then there are those that are great support players. Your team as comprised is strong and can theoretically be improved with a streaming spot, but from my perspective it is very difficult to determine what to cut that won't hurt much in order to add theoretical stats that should be greater than the stats that any one person can acquire in a 3 or 4 day week. TLDR: The basic ideas is that a streaming spot is more valuable than most individual players. You have a great team, but I have no idea who to trade for a 2 for 1 without knowing who is on your opponents teams and who is on the wire. Sorry, bro.
  4. You should definitely try to open up a streaming spot if possible. The league that I'm in does not trade much, but I think a sound strategy is to trade two of your players with a team that is either out of the playoffs equation completely or is on the fringe trying to get into the playoffs. I liken this type of trade to when a real life team tries to trade one of their players to a different conference so that they don't have to deal with playing against that player. In your case since your team is stacked, if successful, you wouldn't have to worry about arming the playoff competition with two sound pieces. If you could do it I would get rid of Boban and Delon Wright and try to get someone in a comparable rank.
  5. You take that and drop Dunn or Sabonis. I haven't been paying attention to Sabonis much since Turner has been lighting it up, but I imagine if Turner balls out he takes minutes (and stats) away from Sabonis.
  6. I'd take Cedi's playoff schedule over Dario's (443 vs 333).
  7. Wait to see who performs better for a few games. I'd lean on dropping Rose because points are easy to find, but honestly I'd just wait and see who performs better over the next few days. Same playoff schedule, so I guess it really just depends on what stats you need.
  8. You may have already said it, but I think Justin Holiday is your drop
  9. I don't think he gets the same opportunities once Love and Thompson are back. He also has Nance Jr and maybe Cedi to compete with for PF minutes. He's like Terrance Jones, a stat producer but a bad basketball player.
  10. Sorry, I'm playing 12 team 8 categories
  11. Derrick White easily. Keep him there until you know how Pop is going to manage his plantar fasciitis, which is what I think he has.
  12. I wouldn't take it unless you are a gambling man. NO GM is trying to petition the league to get AD to sit out the rest of the year and Love will take time to get up to speed. And when he does he still does not give you more than Embiid. I know the 4/4/3 schedule beats Embiid's 3/3/3 but you will never recoup the blocks and FG% that Embiid provides if the AD situation doesn't play itself out properly.
  13. My guess would be Rubio. They play the same amount of games over the next two weeks, but I'll lean on Rubio's side based on his famed post ASB run that he seems to go on every year.