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  1. Best Regular Season Move

    Picking up Lindsay.
  2. Sammy Watkins 2018 Outlook

    Drop city or do we still hold?
  3. WSIS ? (WHIR 100%)

    Jimmy & Carson
  4. Lost Sanders, need flex help WHIR

    Barber seems like the safest option out of this group. Thanks for helping with mine.
  5. Which Kicker? Maher or M. Bryant?

    Keep Bryant. Philly vs Dallas will probably be a low scoring game.
  6. Need a win, who to start ? Whir

    Ingram, Mack, Ware.
  7. TE help

    Yeah have to agree with the above. Pick Thomas and drop Williams.
  8. Ware, won't have to split carries with anyone.
  9. Start Allen or Goff? (WHIR)

    Goff for sure. Don't over think it.
  10. Can't set my lineup - need HELP!

    WR2: Sutton RB2: Ware Flex: Mack TE: Burton
  11. Need Playoff Help! Watson or Winston? WHIR

    Watson for me. Can never trust Winston.
  12. FLEX Help - Gordon, Boyd, Jackson - WHIR

    I'd go with Boyd. Other two present a bigger risk that you might not want to take in the playoffs.
  13. Wentz has been too unreliable lately and that Dallas defense scares me. But can I trust someone like Allen in the playoffs? Who would you go for?
  14. Golden Tate 2018 Outlook

    Same here, my other option is Watkins/Conley.
  15. Golden Tate 2018 Outlook

    Any of ya'll going to trust him in the playoffs after today's performance?