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  1. Trade Ridley. His variance is higher then the other WRs
  2. He's agreed to the trade. As part of the deal, I am throwing in Chase Edmunds for Jamaal Williams. He has David Johnson and I have Aaron Jones. So the full trade is Juju/Edmonds for Chark/Jamaal.
  3. Drop Dorsett. The rookie WR at New England is gonna start to eat into his production
  4. Is this a good return for Juju? Should I hold or sell Juju for Chark?
  5. He won't be for the next week or two as Jamaal out.
  6. 1 pt PPR Who would you start this weekend? Marquis Brown @KC or Stefon Diggs vs OAK at home. Thanks
  7. Gus
  8. Rivers
  9. Chubb, Williams, Samuels, Michel
  10. Wilson if Breida is out. Then I'd go with Adams.