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  1. I was offered Ty Hilton by the first place team in my league and Marvin Jones by another guy with a lot of wr depth. But I just can't sell for guys that I don't think will suffice as a WR1 in the playoffs. I'd rather hold and hope he comes back. If Bengals lose next 2 and then beat Browns, they will be 6-5 and in the thick of the race still. He'll play if he can. Average time out for turf toe is 3-4 weeks from what I researched, so week 13 is my expected return date.
  2. week 9 vs Oakland want to see in next 2 games if they will use him at all in medium routes/chain mover like he was used with Jimmy G last year; I doubt it......but I'm going to wait and see through week 9 if he can at least have a good week 9, might try to trade him
  3. Dropped J Kearse for him.....which Kearse was just a short term play anyway.
  4. Would not want to trade any of those RBs. Kamara seems more tradeable now with Ingram back, but would expect an elite wr1 in return. You have Woods so that's solid....maybe you can stream a WR for just one week ? If a guy like Godwin for example is available.....
  5. on the surface id say no. but you have 4 stud RBs and this trade would give you an elite WR1. Sooo.. tough call. Would rather give up Ingram I guess than CMC if they would do that. On the other hand will Thomas really provide clear cut WR1 production---last couple games he hasn't--lot of mouths to feed in New Orleans. My lean is toward too much risk on the trade.
  6. Yes; in standard especially since that negates Cook's catching propensity (vs Howard); two players who have been producing versus one who hasn't or has been hurt
  7. OJ Howard is my backup TE. Jeffery would be an upgrade at flex for me. Kinda torn on the potential trade--any thoughts ?
  8. Wondering if Texans have decided to target Fuller less to keep him healthy. Use Fuller on deep threats and Coutee on shorter to medium routes. Sucks cause Fuller had been looking like a WR2 ....
  9. Watson wasn't looking his way at all. I think they dialed back the game plan for him and just his presence did force Dallas to account for him.
  10. He seems like nothing more than a handcuff. This staff always talks a good game about upping carries for RBs, but they play who they play. Last year the played Crowell--no committee---and this year it is Hyde. It won't be a committee.
  11. Probably cause the owner of that team goes by brand name. And he was unhappy with Drake's performance so far. I know his patterns--he reacts to bad games by dropping or trading players quickly. So Drake having a 3 point game (although Fitz did as well)......helped me. That said, no one in my league voted against the trade---if you go by points scored this year and draft position...not all that different. Honestly, I was surprised that he agreed to it. Fitz still has upside if the AZ offense can pick things up. If you drop him, who on the WW has more upside than him? Like someone else said, can't drop him can't start him.
  12. I traded him for Kenyan Drake, both rather high draft picks that aren't meeting expectations so far. My team is really strong at WR but RB needy, so not only did it fit my needs, but I have more faith in Drake's upside than Fitz right now. I also picked up Kirk off waivers--think he will come close to equalizing or even exceed Fitz this year in fantasy points. Also their coach doesn't seem to like to feed their stars. After game 1 he was like too many targets to Fitz, need to spread it around. Similarly, he likes to play Edmonds a lot, more than you'd think with DJ on their team.
  13. Yeah depends on league. I don't roster him in my 10 team standard league, but he's been helpful in my 12 team PPR league. He's gonna be boom or bust in standard, don't get the benefit of him being the wr1 for jax and the associated reception total.
  14. Hines. Game flow may not work in Richard's favor in this game.