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  1. I think it's fine. I'll do it. Your points might take a hit a bit but not by that much since I'm pretty high on Curry this year and your team is relatively pretty stacked
  2. Call me crazy but i'm not too high on Bridges but he does have the highest upside out of the list so i would probably stay put.
  3. Who has better upside for a deep league?
  4. Yeah i am also a bit skeptical about his FT. Just going off the photos he is looking a lot skinner than his Boston days
  5. If Gay is the worst player on your team, you should definitely do that just for upside only
  6. Is this in like a 10man league? That's a bit rash isnt it
  7. His value is heavily weighted on his ability to get to the line and shooting 3s. So if he can do that, he can be useful in most leagues
  8. For obvious reasons, I am definitely stashing🤣 MY BOY IS BACK
  9. I am getting excited about the Lord in this new uptempo offense
  10. Just because Murray is listed as PG doesn't mean he won't guard the wing positions if required. He is their best defender after all, and I can definitely see him being switched over to the wing while Derozan runs the offense.
  11. Too crowded for my liking this year. Mostly likely going to be playing in the low 20s coming off the bench due to the additions of Murray and Carroll this year
  12. Any chance we can see your triple punt team? Curious to see how that goes
  13. You guys are making too much sense. But its Fizdale and the Knicks we are talking about here 😢