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  1. I hate you so much, Cohen Edit: and I hate myself for trusting you over Damien
  2. 15 point lead, just Kelce left against me (.75 ppr)... Nokelcenokelcenokelcenokelcenokelcenokelcenokelcenokelcenokelcenokelce
  3. Cohen gonna cost me the f***ing championship. Projected to lose by 1. Lost last year by 2.5 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks, Robby. Hope we can finish the job for ya
  5. I was way wrong on him. Loved Kupp and Cooks coming into the season, thought Woods would get crowded out a little bit. Nope!
  6. Playing Juju against Big Ben. Not happy with the Saints defensive scheme near the goalline
  7. Had visions of Cohen going for 30+ against the 9ers. At least a floor around 12-15. F*** you, Nagy
  8. F***! F***! Big Ben TD and 2, neither to Juju. F*** you, Ben
  9. No. Still have to win next week. NE has head to head tiebreaker
  10. Lost Boyd. Picked up Anderson and Mike Williams. Had Landry in, but switched up late last night. Robby might just keep me in this thing