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  1. Yea, but if the trend stays consistent, you can rack up a few $s using your "inside info"
  2. He did, but there was a massive drop in production
  3. I like him this week. Should be a good game script. He's filling in for me while Jacobs is on a bye, and I'm fairly optimistic that he gets 8+ points in .5 ppr
  4. I sprained my back about a year ago. Went to pick a couch, it was early morning and I wasn't loose, the couch was segmented and buckled in the middle as soon as we started lifting. There was an audible pop, and I could barely walk the rest of the day. Doc said "you sprained it - that pop was a ligament snapping". Told me he couldn't tell how bad it was, could be up to a month or two to heal, but come back in a week to check progress. Gave me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory pills. First day I couldn't move, nor the day after. Was able to go back to work after that, with limited mobility and orders for no heavy lifting. Back seized up now and then, but by the 4th or 5th day I'd say I was back up to 80%. A day or two later I followed up with the doc and told him I felt 100% again. No restrictions after just a week. I was worried it was gonna keep me out weeks, and very surprised by how quickly I recovered. DJ is a decade younger than me, thought he does deal with greater impacts. It's possible that it's something serious and will be a big problem, but it's equally possible that it's no big deal and he's back to 100% by Sunday. And if he's feeling 100% on Sunday, there shouldn't be too much worry about re-aggravating it
  5. I can't wait til KC adds a 2nd tight end and/or a fullback/h-back. That way we can have 2 or 3 TEs who will be fantasy relevant but unpredictable, in addition to 3 RBs who are fantasy relevant but unpredictable and 5 WRs who are fantasy relevant but unpredictable. If the NFL expands roster sizes, Reid might just find himself a change-of-pace QB and a 2nd kicker so he swap based on whether the ball is on the left or right hashmark. Because Andy Reid's fantasy world is a sadistic nightmare full of FFer's pain . . .
  6. I'm in a 12 team, keep 2 (in place of 1st and 2nd rd picks) league, and I'm debating him in my flex. If you're curious about roster... QB - Rivers/Winston RB - Zeke (k) RB - Kamara (k) WR - Godwin (4th) WR - Kupp (5th) TE - Kittle (3rd) Flex - Chark (FA) / Fitzgerald (7th) / Coleman (6th) And I have Bears D... We're 2-3. Flexed Fitz over Chark last week, cost me the game. Lattimore is no joke, and Fitz is going up against my Falcons, who are bad at football, plus DJ may or may not be able to carry a heavy load. Coleman feels like the safest bet, but I don't know. Point is, if Evans isn't an auto start vs Lattimore (and it appears he shouldn't be), how can we say Chark is? The QB rating stat is real nice though...
  7. Meh I played Rivers over him last week. Rivers had 4 points
  8. Not a bad outing. Worried about him vs Carolina again. Of course, worry about Carolina caused me to bench Chark in 2 leagues. I regret that decision. And London games leads to weird stuff... No idea what to make of it
  9. They used it on Fitzpatrick. May end up being a really high pick, but if you gave them the option of drafting whatever lotto ticket is available at, say, 5 - vs trading it on draft day for Fitzpatrick, I don't know that doing so would be a bad choice. They got a quality player in his 2nd year. It wasn't necessarily a "win now" move. Regardless of how this season turns out, I think they're going to be ok looking at tape of minkah while the Dolphins are on the clock with the Steelers pick. *of course, had they known they'd get to their 3rd string QB who they signed off the street with two thirds of the season left, thus would end up with a pick high enough to take Delpit, safety out of LSU, then they might not make that deal