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  1. What would his value look like in New York?
  2. Looking to offload Lou and Austin in a 2 for 1, what value should I be targeting in return?
  3. Looks like a good deal to me, Kawhi could have a few rest days throughout the playoffs so you'd get rid of that risk too
  4. Wanting to get rid of Whiteside before the end of the season as im worried about an injury/ being shut down. Is this underselling myself or will Deandre jordan be able to sustain his boards and blocks even once blake is back? 5 games in week 2 of the playoffs is a nice kicker for the clippers too
  5. If he clears waivers maybe but not worth burning that high of a waiver on someone as inconsistent as faried
  6. No way, jokic will be a beast the rest of the way and hield is far too much of a downgrade on porter
  7. I'd stick with what youve got, thats too much for hayward
  8. Just sit tight, dont undersell on IT
  9. Team B, I traded for CP3 as well if youre confident youll stay in the play offs go for it
  10. Levert for ROS once he starts getting more minutes will be much better than carroll
  11. Id prefer Wiggins, Gallo could potentially be traded
  12. Id drop brogdon
  13. Go Felton for assists
  14. thoughts on elfrid payton or josh Richardson in a ten team league? Who's better to have in an end of roster spot?