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  1. As a braves fan... I’m kind of apprehensive about starting mike tonight.....
  2. this mf will never be on my roster again
  3. Still listed as questionable on ESPN leagues
  4. Winslow out, wade out.. let's try this again goran XD
  5. I’m cutting ties... worst pick of the year for me. Dropped him when he initially was injured and picked him back up hoping he’d turn out like k love.
  6. On my ESPN league recap it says, "He will remain a bench player for the remainder of the season, so expectations should be scaled back." Is this confirmed from spolstra? Just before his calf injury he had a couple great games. If he could stay healthy I was under the impression both he and Whiteside would work their way back to the starting lineup
  7. I have one more week of a bye in my playoffs, so planning to hold at least until then. Hopefully he will show some signs of life this coming week.