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  1. ESPN league finally gave an update. Says he’s still limited to aquatic exercise. Extremely unlikely to come back at this point unfortunately.
  2. this is a 10 team H2H redraft league. My bad, meant to put that in the OP. I don't really have anyone else to drop. Wood was my weakest link who I just picked up a few weeks ago. My offense is completely booked, no bench spots available. Pitching staff is: Sale Clevinger Minor Gray Soroka Giolito Wood And then kluber on the IL.. seems like he will be back soonish hopefully
  3. I was offered Matt Boyd for Sonny Gray and Alex Wood by a reds fan. This seems like a no brainer but just wanted some outside opinions. Wood has been solid in his first two starts but isn't a sure thing by any stretch. Gray I think will remain solid for the rest of the year. I have Kluber stashed and hopefully he will be back soon so I can think of it as Boyd and Kluber for Gray and Wood. I'm not missing anything here am I?
  4. What should I expect from him? I’ve got him stashed but couldn’t even trade him to reds fans in my league. Lol
  5. at houston against verlander tonight no ragerts lets gooooo
  6. cut him loose a while ago and it feels so gooooood
  7. 20 pitch bullpen sesh scheduled for today. Hopefully no setbacks!!!
  8. Not a fan of this deal either man, as others have already been saying
  9. I want to jump in on the Brenden McKay bandwagon or Gallen, Alzolay, ect. My offense has been rolling but I'm not sure the extent of benitendi and Alvarez's injuries. Should I wait to drop gordon or yolo? Or should I hold and hope he turns it around? In a pretty small 10 team H2H league: Catcher: Wilson Contreras IF: Gleyber Torres, Jose Abreu, Pete Alonso, Kris Bryant OF: Acuna, Whit Merrifield, Austin Riley UTIL: Andrew Benitendi, Yordan Alvarez Bench: Dee Gordon SP: Chris Sale, Mike Clevinger, Mike Soroka, Mike Minor, Lucas Giolito, Yamamoto RP: Alex Colome, Kimbrel, Hansel Robles IL: Corey Kluber
  10. A LOT of his problems are in his head. The guy has the mental fortitude of a taco. if you don’t watch him pitch much, you can visably see him mentally implode the second a call doesn’t go his way. Snitker even commented on this. I think he needs to see a sports psychologist. His injury at the beginning of the year is definitely another factor in everything imo but who knows how much. Hopefully he’ll go work his s--- out in AAA, but at this point as a Braves fan, I’m happy to see some other guys get an opportunity
  11. Not a great night then. So pumped he’s back, hopefully the foot won’t bother him too much moving forward. Can’t wait till he’s back on track!