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  1. 1.6 + 1.6 is easy to find when you play in the league by yourself. Somehow you managed to draft Lebron, George, Embiid, Paul in the same draft, all 2nd round or higher players. That can only be explained by the FACT that you are playing in the league by yourself. And you still have Millsap, Collins, Covington, Richardson, Teague. I doubt any of these players went below 6th round in any semi-competitive league. Maybe Collins, but he is still a solid trade candidate. Him with other players I listed rule out the possibility of reasonable trade in order for you to acquire the players above. I'd understand if you had players like Vuc, Siakam, TJ Warren, Brook Lopez. Players that are seriously crushing their ADP, but no you probably didn't think about the possibility that someone would call your BS out. I just checked my player pool in 12th teamer also, semi-competitive, and there are only a couple players close to 1.6 + 1.6, all inferior to Bridges cause of blocks. Shumpert is one of them. Bembry is nowhere close to that, you'd have to double his stats and he is still inferior. That being said Bridges is obviously not a great fantasy player. He is barely ownable. The reason is because he will not be able to sustain 1.6x1.6x1, but you saying that that is easy to find is as stupid as it gets. If you ever start playing in competitive leagues, you will realise that in 12th teamers people are always looking for players, and that player pool is usually pretty shallow. Simple maths, 12 teams x 13 players = 156 players owned. Usually more because of INJ spot. Now go look at player rankings somewhere and check players that are 110 and bellow. Noel is 119, Danny Green 109, Pj Tucker 124, Monte Morris 128. You get my point. In a competitive league where you didn't draft perfectly, there is a pretty huge possibility that you will have a couple of bad players at your team at all times. I would consider Mikal a bad fantasy player, but he is still able to produce. Conclusion constant 1.6x1.6 in 12 teamer is pretty damn hard to find. Given that you are not playing with yourself.
  2. It cannot get more fair than that. It is exactly what you said, buy low and sell high. I like your side of the deal better, but a lot of unknowns still so it is a fairest trade of all
  3. Hahaha cool reasoning mate, Porter isn't putting top 50 value right now so I will keep SGA who isn't even putting top 150 value?? If you have more money that you can spend at least go to fundly or gofundme and try to help someone. Throwing it away on fantasy is not clever move for you Also month and half? You know that half of a month is 15 days right? Keep trolling mate, keep trolling. #FREEPORTER
  4. Lol look at this guy saying yes. You have Curry, Wall, Bledsoe, Harris, Porter, Giannis, Gobert in the same team... Keep playing with yourself and restrain yourself from unhelpful advices. Porter provided top 30 value 2 years in a row, and you are willing to trade him for a guy who is playing the best basketball of his career and still barely returning top 50 value. Which is also unsustainable, he plays to little and blocks will surely go down. He never was a good blocker. You would be eaten alive with that kind of mindset in any league besides leagues where you are the only player... I mean come on Giannis and Curry would be impossible pairing even for 4-teamer, not to mention that Wall, Bledsoe, Gobert and Porter are going in 2-3-4 round. You even have Adams and Allen which rules out 2-1 trades... Come on man, who are you kidding? All the best to you mate
  5. Him not playing well and him not being a good player able to turn it around easily are two completely different things. Losing him, certainly hurts every team, especially mine(Dunn, Book, Teague, from OP assists now only Jokic is left :/). With my fantasy luck this year I predict 2 weeks out at least for him.
  6. Yeah, this doesn't look good. Missing time is almost guaranteed at this point. The question is how much time. :/
  7. Damn, If it wasn't for the face expressions I wouldn't even notice the injury. This doesn't look good, first big player injury to start the season... :/
  8. No topic for mister Lin. Shame. What are your thoughts? New team, new chance pretty nice preseason game. Any fantasy relevance here?
  9. He can be a season saver given how low he is valued ATM. If he stays heathy he'll be a complete beast!
  10. What are the projections that BBM is giving him? I drafted him in the last round in a 12 - teamer, but still don't know if I should keep him. He doesn't look promising to me at all. Preseason was terrible. Insert other media
  11. What the hell?? How could they miss his block on Murray??
  12. Oh sweet summer child You really have no idea how this game we call life works
  13. Keep having fun tanking Going for the last place aren't we I would stop cheering for Brooklyn if I were you