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  2. Tough ones for sure - i'd probably play Westbrook and JJJ I feel like WB will play 3 games: 3 games of WB > 4 games of Spencer. Your bigs are pretty solid rebounding wise so i'd take JJJ because he may not rebound as much but he'll block way more shots than Ayton
  3. I wouldn't use a #1 waiver claim on him - he's inconsistent and injury prone There will surely be better options later on in the season
  4. Hmm, this is a tough one - you have a really solid team. It'd have to be between TT or Morris - leaning more towards Morris since we don't know how long Dwight is out and you might need TT for his RBS + FG%
  5. If you're going to stash Dunn then i like the trade a lot more but OPJ and Gordon do have a lot of upside. I'd probably shoot for someone higher though first - see if you can offer those two for a guy like Middleton
  6. Optimistic..
  7. The NBA is actually a joke.. They should reduce the lottery ball odds of these teams that are obliviously tanking
  8. Can’t believe I took him over Lebron. He’s definitely more of a second round guy than first
  9. Agreed ^ i love the production from this guy, he really doesn’t hurt you anywhere since he hardly takes free throw attempts
  10. Single handedly helped me come back and win my two matchups, thank you Dame Dolla!!