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  1. Thanks for the great season Nurk! Wishing him a speedy recovery
  2. Sabonis for me if I had to choose between him and Noah. But since you ask, I'd hold on to those two and drop Bogdanovic instead. He's hit a cold streak and I would want reliable players in the playoffs.
  3. No-brainer to drop Clarkson and not look back. He has a high usage rate, but doesn't really contribute in AST/STL or BLK. He is ranked around 150 the past two months, so no reason to hold on to him.
  4. Isaac> Dragic for sure, especially with a 4 game week. With that being said, I'm not sure I'd use a #1 waiver on him, especially in a 10 team. There should be enough good free agents so you could grab him when he clears waivers? Up to you to see if you think others will put a claim on him and if you take the risk or not
  5. I think it's a good deal for you, if you don't punt FT%. But on the other hand, Harrell is nearly guaranteed big minutes, which the same cannot be said for Ibaka. So it's a little bit of a gamble, but Ibaka's recent stretch has been great. If he can keep it up when he comes back, you would have made a great deal. => In conclusion, I'd recommend to do the deal.
  6. I have both and I'm ranking him higher than Rubio. If you can swap, do it.
  7. Weird to even say this but... Noah no brainer (assuming it's Joachim)
  8. Depends on the needs of your team, but I'd rather have Kemba than Westbrook this season. However, if you're punting FT%, WB is more valuable.
  9. I think I'd stay put. Your only possible move is to drop Nance for Zeller, but I couldn't pull the trigger if I were you.
  10. Tough but I'd take it too. You made a good deal.
  11. I think I prefer the other side of the deal, but you got the best player. I wouldn't feel too bad about it, you have Harden + PG13 + Gobert, who are all near first round value. Help with mine?