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  1. Henry for everything. I dont think mixon will be productive this year
  2. no i think you can get better than hardman
  3. Honestly I would keep johnson and olsen. Engram is a ? with jones starting now.
  4. Who do i start this week in a half ppr league? Thursday football games suck but i feel like fournette is due for a td. Lafleur comments on using jamal scare me and kupp seems to be the safest option but with the lowest ceiling. What do you guys think?
  5. I have fournette and the gurley owner has send me a trade. I dont trust gurleys knees but fournette doesnt seem that great either atm. Who would you guys rather have?
  6. Terry this week tho I'm still not sold on keenum.
  7. I think it depends on the team with Hock or Waller, if they are their only tight end than I honestly don't see a trade working unless you offer something like kupp which may not be in your favor. If not than hopefully they bite on Hollywood or tyrell