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  1. I'm in league with 20 teams and I took him in 7th round. He's a GEM!
  2. Janis Timma looked good at Eurobasket, which means absolutely nothing.
  3. Comparing Bogdan to Giannis? What the f--- are you smokin'? If he survives two years in NBA, it'll be pretty much miracle
  4. If he plays tonight, I'd pick him up. Gallo out, there should be no restrictions also.
  5. Noone has picked him for weeks and I'm in 20 teams league
  6. No, it's not, don't be fooled by almost 100% shooting. It will happen tonight and again in 10 matches + the coach is stupid af.
  7. Ok, I was patient, I'm not anymore, drop city.
  8. It was me playing vs very productive guys, rest of my team performed well (even tho Kawhi and Conley missed matches) and on the last night I needed Warren to get at least 10 points and then he goes in minus two matches in row. That's why I'm losing because of him.
  9. This guy lost me two weeks so far, f--- me and my 'patience'
  10. they're winning, he's playing s---, what do you expect...
  11. Stop picking him up please, he has s--- game again >:D