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  1. I understand what you're trying to say here with the bolded part, but I owned LF last year, and the few games he left early because of injury hurt a bit. That's the thing is that if you could predict LF's injuries, you could plug in your next guy, but the game he starts and tweaks the hammy in Q1 kills your line up. However, I think LF will be the player in the late 2nd/early 3rd round with the most upside, and if he does put together a healthy season, someone is getting a steal for their RB2.
  2. Greg Roman as offensive coordinator: 2011 San Francisco: 498 Rushing Attempts (3rd); 2,044 Rushing yards (8th) 2012 San Francisco: 492 Rushing Attempts (7th); 2,491 Rushing Yards (4th) 2013 San Francisco: 505 Rushing Attempts (3rd); 2,201 Rushing Yards (3rd) 2014 San Francisco: 470 Rushing Attempts (9th); 2,176 Rushing Yards (4th) 2015 Buffalo Bills: 509 Rushing Attempts (2nd); 2,432 Yards (1st) 2016 Buffalo Bills: 492 Rushing Attempts (2nd); 2,630 Rushing Yards (1st) He has designed run heavy offenses throughout his career, with mobile/dual threat type QBs such as Kaep and Tyrod. I see no reason to expect anything less than the Ravens to be top 5-10 in rushing attempts and top 5-10 in rushing yards, with a ceiling for the best running attack in the league. Ingram has never been the "horse" in New Orleans either, so we're not talking about a 30 year old RB with significant tread on the tires. Additionally, during Roman's OC years, the lead RB (Gore, McCoy) saw between 30-50 targets so I think we can expect some passing game work for Ingram as well. Especially if Jackson doesn't improve as a passer, I imagine the OC will design some easier type of completions to the RB. I will be thrilled if I can get Ingram as my RB2 in the coming draft.
  3. Love Godwin's talent and if Humphries + Djax head out of town, I will definitely be targeting Godwin everywhere. As someone mentioned, he was broderline WR2 last year with all the competition for targets, and if these 2 guys leave, there will be a lot of open targets for Godwin to absorb.
  4. One of my favorite 2019 breakout players, Pettis has a legit chance to be the 49ers #1 target next season. A lot of speculation over AB heading to San Fran, so we'll have to see how the off-season shakes out. Additionally, 49ers are not bringing back Garcon next year opening up more volume. Pettis had some really nice flashes last season, especially at the end of the season. With Jimmy G coming back, love Pettis as a second year breakout WR.
  5. Hahaha I went to look at Cupp's Player Profiler page to check out his metrics, and the picture is hilarious. Can't figure out how to paste it here, but worth a look. Targeting Kupp everywhere next year. Plenty of people will be scared off by his ACL tear, and should get somewhat of a discount on his draft price. Goff missed him in the second half of the season, and I think Kupp is by far Goff's favorite target. If he's my WR2 I feel good.
  6. Most likely avoiding all Dolphins' players in 2019. Every year the team that everyone expects to be god awful rarely is, for example everyone thought the Bills and Dolphins would win 2-3 games a piece MAX, and yet they won 6 and 7 games respectively. So I'm sure the Dolphins won't be God awful, but I don't see much talent on that team, especially if they part ways with Tanny, Parker, Stills, Quinn, etc. Avoiding the Dolphins across the board next year.
  7. Understood, but I referenced in my post that Week 17 doesn't really count IMO, so I didn't include it in my list. I agree that Chubb doesn't have a very good floor. But I disagree it's bottomless. Plus you have to consider improvement from the Browns next year, going into the off-season/season with an effective offensive scheme that won't change mid-season. Plus a QB coming into his second year, going into the season as the starter rather than the #2, and Chubb heading into the season as the #1, I think we can project improvement from the Browns overall. So if we both agree Chubb's floor in 2018 was OK not great, then next year I imagine it will get better. Chubb has an ADP of 13 overall right now in .5 PPR which I think is crazy. Guys I would take over Chubb as of right now (in no order): Gurley CMC Antonio Brown Barkley Elliott Kamara Hopkins Gordon Adams M. Thomas Julio Juju Tyreek Conner Hunt (depending on landing spot) Bell (depending on landing spot) Toss up guys: Keenen Allen Mike Evans David Johnson Joe Mixon Thielen Diggs So I'm probably not going to get Chubb next year because his ADP will most likely get higher as pre-season reports say "Chubb will be more involved in the passing game." Floor was decent though sans a Week 17 game when fantasy was done with.
  8. I wouldn't call that bottomless. Yes the 3 pointer stings, but that was Week 17 when the fantasy season was over essentially. He became the starter in Week 7. RB ranks in .5 PPR: Week 7: RB16 Week 8: RB28 Week 9: RB12 Week 10: RB1 Week 11: BYE Week 12: RB3 Week 13: RB12 Week 14: RB11 Week 15: RB27 Week 16: RB21 Week 8, 15 and 16 weren't spectacular, but you still got low RB2/high RB3/FLEX level production which isn't bad considering this guy was a bench player for everyone going into the season. Next year I'm certainly still taking established players over Chubb, but I wouldn't call his floor bottomless. A guy like Dion Lewis had a bottomless floor where he scored terribly multiple weeks. Even in Chubb's down weeks you got RB3/FLEX level play.
  9. He had 80 catches his rookie year while splitting with Jonathan Stewart. I think 80-100 is his realistic range of receptions, given there aren't any drastic changes to the offense. And if you told me right now that CMC had a range of outcomes from RB1-RB8 (as his floor), I would draft him in a heart beat. Drafting a guy in the top 4 who finishes at 8 isn't going to cripple a team.
  10. Love Hunter Henry for keepers leagues. I grabbed him around Week 8 and have stashed him since. ACL injury happened so early in this year, he might make an appearance in the playoffs (not likely) but should at the very least be 100% going into next season. My leagues end in Week 16, so as you are, I am also blocked from doing anything further. But if you go into Week 17, a few names I might look to stash possibly on the WW: Anthony Miller, WR, CHI - showed he has the talent, and Trubisky should continue to get better under Nagy. Miller could finish as a WR2 next year IMO. Rashad Penny, RB, SEA - a lot of owners probably ditched Penny since he's been injured/ineffective a lot of the season. Mike Davis is a FA after this year, and that could possibly leave Penny and Carson alone together. Seattle showed under Schottenheimer they want to run, and can effectively do it, so I see Penny as a mid RB2 alongside Carson, with RB1 upside if Carson were to get injured. Will Fuller, WR HOU - potentially dropped because of his injury. Has been very effective when healthy with Watson at QB, but can't seem to stay on the field. Possibility of a full-season may be slim, but he would be an easy WR2 with WR1 upside type weeks if he played a full 16. Still might be worth the risk if you can keep him for a very late price. Chris Godwin, WR, TB - possibly dropped due to his performance the last 2 weeks. Adam Humphries is a FA after this season, and the Bucs can save about $10mm in cap space if they cut Jackson, with 1 year left on his contract. Also have seen faint rumors of a Mike Evans trade possibility. Godwin has shown the talent before, and if he is the #2, or possibly even the #1 receiver in the offense next year, he could absolutely return high WR2+ numbers. A few for now
  11. I agree with you and I HATE when people say "well if Player X can get it done, Player Y can't be worse" Oh yes he can! "Hoyer was trash and Hopkins still produced, so Osweiler can't be worse" New situation and surroundings I get it, but we've seen Hundley play and we've seen Kizer play, and for my money Hundley was definitely better. Just because Adams produced with Hundley, DOES NOT mean he will automatically produce with Kizer.
  12. Exactly! Another good point - it's a longer time of rest than usual, AND we get to see Keenen first, rather than waiting for Monday.
  13. People keep saying Chargers are playing on a short week, but they last played on Thursday, so he will have his next game over a week later. More rest than a team usually gets from Sunday-Sunday.
  14. His long TD was a 75 yarder, so outside of that he achieved 11 carries for 48 yards. Caught 1 pass for -2 yards. 4.63 YPC if you take away the long run. Just box score looking - I didn't watch the game so I can't comment on how he looked. I remember Ballage coming into the draft as a physical specimen that SHOULD have dominated in college, but for some reason never put it together. The Dolphins aren't an offense I want to exactly invest in, however the Dolphins refuse to give Drake workhorse duty, and prefer just about anyone else. I am not feeling good about it if Ballage is in my starting line up next week, but who knows the status of Gordon, Conner, Ware, etc. for certain and maybe someone like Gurley gets shut down for the last 2 weeks, I guess you can do worse.