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  1. I would do that. Hill and Brees will be back in the next few weeks and when they come back, your team will be borderline unstoppable, especially in a 14 team league
  2. Lockett probably safer, Brown with higher upside. Depends on your lineup/how you want to play.
  3. I would do it, and include Carson. As long as he stops fumbling, Carroll gonna feed him.
  4. You need to drop Hooper ASAP IMO and get Mostert, Chark, Freeman (Royce I assume?) or Thompson on the bench.
  5. Looks like a good line up to me. I would personally go DJ Moore over Sanders if Cam is good to go, but that's a coin flip really.
  6. I would stay put. Once the Pats keep rolling people Sony will get more going. Plus DJ Moore is good, but Kupp is Goff's favorite target.
  7. I would take it. You're getting the best player in the deal, Tampa's offense is a mess, and the Vikings run the ball 90% of the time.
  8. I would go McLaurin. Someone posted in the McLaurin thread that the Bears defense gives up big games to WRs on the road. He's the #1 where as I can see Dak literally throwing 15 passes this week while Dallas rolls Miami.
  9. Stay Put. Olsen seems to be doing just fine at TE and I like Sony over White this year because the Pats are going to stomp people out.
  10. I would not do that. While Tyrell is the #1, his offense is capped to the upside. Goff stinks, and who knows how many games Fournette will actually give you. If you're going to own an injury prone RB, I rather have the guy who's currently leading the league, has his starting QB, and Kubiak on the sideline.
  11. Offered a trade for my Adam Thielen and Darren Waller for Calvin Ridley. At first you might say hell no, but we play in a keeper league. Adam Thielen can not be kept next year, where as Calvin Ridley will be a 9th round keeper value next year, and can still be kept for 2 more years after that. I also have Evan Engram so don't need Waller. My thinking is the Vikings are hell bent on running the football, so I don't see much ceiling for Thielen. Where as the Falcons can't run the ball, have a great QB, love to pass, and really only have 2 options in the passing game. Ridley looks like a star in the making and I think he could be a nice piece for the next 3 years. Would you take that trade with the keeper value in mind?
  12. I think he'll still be fine. Long term, Drew Brees comes back in a few weeks so no reason to panic sell him now. Secondly, I have to imagine going from Brees to Bridgewater MID GAME caused a lot of the offensive problems. They spend all week designing a game plan and then poof it disappears and you now have to call an offense you haven't prepared to call because your QB is limited. With a full week to prep for Bridgewater and Peyton, I think we'll get something a bit better than last week. Bridgewater stinks I agree. But Peyton will find ways to make the offense work now that he knows he'll have Bridgewater, instead of having to adjust mid-game.
  13. That is bold. NO shot I put him in the lineup week 1 but best believe I'm watching the Ravens closely this week - own Hill in 7/7.