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  1. Chris Herndon 2018 Outlook

    Looking for a Burton replacement as well. Especially since Mitch isn't practicing again yet this week. The match up scares me, but are the Titans really THAT good against TEs? Any one have insight from watching Titans games? I know Tennessee gives up the least points to TE, but it doesn't look like they've faced a ton of TE competition outside of Ertz, who went 10/112.
  2. C.J. Uzomah 2018 Outlook

    Starting to get real tired of Trey Burton each week, so debating to add a TE stream option like Uzomah, Herndon, Jesse James (if Vance is out). I think if Vance is out this week, James is the best of the WW bunch. However, they play late Sunday so could be a late decision. Uzomah got 13(!) targets last week, and although he only turned them into 6-39, that volume can't be ignored. Seems like Driskel prefers the shorter stuff, because Uzomah and Joe Mixon had pretty high target counts in last week's game. Denver is average against TEs, (13th most in my league) and has given up some pretty big games to Kelce (obviously) but also to Antonio Gates, and has given up some OK games (7-10 points) to a bunch of others. I've watched Trey Burton held below 5 points in full PPR 2 straight weeks. If he doesn't score a last second TD against Buffalo, we're talking about 4 out of the last 5 weeks under 5 points in full PPR. I think with Driskel's desire to throw short, combined with the Broncos nasty pass rush, we could see another game of double digit targets for Uzomah.
  3. Jameis Winston 2018 Outlook

    Fighting for a playoff spot and playing against the #1 team this week who's projected to beat me by 20. Rolling with Jameis for the upside - benching Watson and Lamar just for reference. I think Jameis provides a lot of upside as people have mentioned - TB offense passes A TON. I think your conviction in Jameis this week lies in your situation. If you're looking for a somewhat safe, floor play to not lose your match up, Jameis is definitely not for you. If you're like me and need to swing for the fence, I don't see any option better than Jameis. Perhaps Lamar Jackson, but he is a complete wild card. At least we know Winston is going to chuck it chuck it chuck it. Fitzpatrick is clearly done - all the magic from early in the season seems to have worn off. The Bucs aren't making the playoffs. I think now Jameis has been brought in for the second time, I can't see the coach go back to Fitzpatrick again this season, especially in this game. Unless Jameis completely face plants and has a 4-5 INT first half (understandably, in the realm of possibilities), I think he'll be the guy for the whole game, and even ROS. Bucs needs to make a decision on their future, and Jameis is the biggest question mark.
  4. Lamar Jackson 2018 Outlook

    I'm concerned about this as well. 70 rushing yards, a rushing TD, and 150 pass yards is still 19 points. W/out the TD though we're looking at 13 points which is super tough to swallow from the QB position. I don't see any way the Raiders move the ball against Baltimore, so perhaps a ground and pound Gus Edwards game in coming? Lamar is super polarizing this week. He had a nice game last week without even scoring, so he can approach 30 points if he scores a few. And a matchup against Oakland is JUICY. However, this could easily turn into a "hey we got this in the bag, let's just hammer Edwards/Collins/Ty/Dixon" type of game.
  5. New Dynasty league

    Just sent you a DM on Sleeper. Happy to use Sleeper, Yahoo or ESPN. Def interested if spots are still available.
  8. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    Go grab Gio man! Good chance he's available since he missed a few weeks and then they were on bye.
  9. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    No - however, when the player is a full participant one day, and then limited the next, it is concerning. Especially with a guy who was having knee problems earlier in the year. Maybe it's not related at all, but I am worried as an owner.
  10. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    Someone just posted a tweet saying he was limited today at practice - am I missing something?
  11. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    1000000% This is the time of year to hand cuff your top tier guys anyway, plus this news, I am adding Gio everywhere I can. Even if you don't own Mixon, the Bengals showed earlier in the season they will feed GIO if Mixon is out. So you could have an RB2+ for a week or 2 if Mixon sits, or maybe more if he's out longer. I own Mixon so I obviously hope that doesn't happen, but I'm in a tight race for a plyoff spot, so I'm making sure I'm covered in case of emergency here.
  12. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    The difference for me is the commitment the Browns are making to running with Chubb. Even last season during Drake's breakout, Gase wouldn't commit fully to him until Damien Williams got hurt. EVERYONE kept cursing Gase because he would trot out bum Williams over Drake, who was clearly more dynamic. And now he isn't committing to Drake again this year. Chubb has been getting FED this season. IDK if Kitchens will remain the HC next year, but as of now, at least the Browns look like they are committing to feeding Chubb, something Gase apparently has no interest in doing with Drake. I think they're very different scenarios.
  13. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    I agree - I think Gurley, Barkley, Gordon, Kamara, Zeke, Hunt, Conner, CMC, DJ are definitely ahead of Chubb for me. But I think I would put him right after that, so #10. It would be some combo of Chubb, Fournette, Sony, Mixon for me for RB10-13. And honestly right now, (yes a lot will change before 2019), I would take Chubb first of these 4.
  14. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    If Chubb continues doing what he's been doing, I imagine he will be firmly ahead of those guys next draft. I see him being about the 10th RB off the board next year so yeah probably second round about.
  15. NFL Waiver Wire Thread 2018 Week 11

    Has a hip injury and apparently has been held out of practice, and has needed crutches to walk around.