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  1. Started shockingly but managed to salvage the line well by the end of the night, feels like thats every game for him lately
  2. Dame aint the type to rest unless hes in serious pain anyway, he constantly plays through small injuries and he wouldnt let the team rest him. Would feel like he’s giving up on his guys and letting Nurk down, thats not the type of man he is
  3. I love you big guy As both an owner in fantasy, a fan of Portland and a fan of you, come back stronger 💪🏽
  4. I’m gonna be gunning for Trae so hard next year
  5. In a dd’s league this is making me rock hard Dame keep this s--- up
  6. Pretty much exact same scenario to you, I’ve held him literally since draft day due to playoff schedule + didn’t wanna sell low and trade him away but I finally dropped after last game for Brunson. Looking at his gamelog its just ridiculous at this point and it speaks to the level of player we know he can be to tolerate this production this long but hes just not delivering. Will probably end up being a draft day steal next year but this just doesn’t seem to be his year
  7. If this “pop” Doncic said something about is anything legitimate, Brunson might be a league winner. Keeping very close eye here
  8. Problem is, because of a few reasons hes much more likely to maintain at 24 min a game than 30 or so Coach, addition of big name free agent(s), who may or may not be best friends with Deandre, Zion playing some small ball 5 if drafted by NY, etc
  9. So what happens when Jokic makes 1st team, Embiid makes 2nd and AD makes 3rd? There have been heaps of good forwards this year I’m pretty confident AD will get in as a Center
  10. Up there with KD as one of the year to year most consistent guys in fantasy (and irl). Love him
  11. Cant believe I’m doing it but its looking like a drop at this point, been the worst player on my team for some time now so might as well stream when necessary
  12. Kid has turned into an elite asset, the Magic are on an absolute tear lately and I think its no coincidence Isaac has played amazing during this stretch
  13. The thought of them playing alongside eachother is totally nightmare inducing for me as a Portland fan and I can almost guarantee that doesn’t happen especially because Stotts hates playing anything but stretch 4’s or 3’s next to Nurkic. Not even Collins has played much whatsoever next to Nurk and he is a thousand percent more a modern 4 than Kanter is.