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  1. UPDATE........made 2 trades...tell me if i'm crazy or not! lol MY KEEPERS NOW: 1B - Merrifield 2B- Altuve SS- Story 3B- J. Ramirez OF- Betts OF- Judge SP- Sale SP- Severino swapped JDMart / Stanton / Kershaw and Snell for Story, J-Ram, Severino, Merrifiel I believe i got a little younger in age AND kept close in HRs and AVG but GAINED a ton in SBs also. I think i'll have more options in draft to build my SPs than elite infielders and still have 2 elite / young OFs thoughts
  2. which combo would you keep, 12 team H2H, keep 8 no time limit. Group #1 2B- J. Altuve SS- C. Correa OF- M. Betts OF- JD Mart. OF- Judge OF / UTL- Stanton SP- Sale SP- Snell or Kershaw Group #2 2B- J.Altuve SS- T. Story OF- M. Betts OF- JD. Mart. OF- Judge SP- Sale SP- Snell SP- Severino have Merrifield also to play with.
  3. agree, I would do that trade if you can. Would love to have Vladdy on my squad.
  4. 12 team H2H league, can keep 8. can deal / trade during off season.. 8 KEEPERS from last season TO CONSIDER THIS SEASON Betts JD Mart. Altuve Correa Judge Stanton C. Sale C. Kershaw Other POSSIBLE KEEPERS NOW Merrifield Snell Thought of packaging CORREA, KERSHAW and STANTON for Trevor Story and L. Severino POSSIBLE KEEPERS THIS YEAR Altuve Story Merrifield Betts Judge JD Mart C. Sale L. Severino thoughts??????
  5. have 4 flex spots and so far i have this....PPR league with points for big plays and over 100 yards of any combination. 1. D.Cook 2. Edelman 3. Cohen 4. SAMUELS.....GORDON.....SONY.....or DIXON (just tossing dixon in Conner out now....Samuels could be a big factor Gordon could burn the DEF for a few big plays Sony....if close could get 20 touches... WHIR!!! thanks
  6. no doubt.... im in SE Mich and lions fan....just saw the "lions worked out Scott Peterson" and just shook my head!
  7. no doubt.... im in SE Mich and lions fan....just saw the "lions worked out Scott Peterson" and just shook my head!
  8. we get big points for long TDs, total passing yards and so forth.... Ben got me 71 last week....luck has been consistent high 30s
  9. for sure LOVE THE silly a** Lions kitty!!
  10. PPR league with bonus points for big plays / TDs . Thanks for input. current RBS Cohen, Hyde, Michel, Kerryon, Cannon
  11. Duke Johnson or Cannon PPR league 10 teams RBs Cook Chubb Collins J. Richard Duke Guice (stash for keeper)