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  1. i think i do Goff and ridley.... i believe the rest of your WRs are the #1 on their respective teams right?
  2. PPR league....10 team....other owner is HURTING at TE.... i'm 5-1, they are 4-2. CURRENT ROSTER: QB- Lamar WR- Keenan, Edelman,Courtland,Sanders........ (have waiver in for dropping sanders for Robby Anderson) RB- Zeke, Chubb, Fournette, Drake, Pollard. TE- Andrews, Henry DEF- Chicago K- Zuerline i give: Chubb, Edelman and Henry (could keep Chubb for a 6th and 4th next 2 years.) i get: Cook, Tyreek and dissley (will drop him for a fill in for andrews.) BETTER CORE:???? CURRENT : ZEKE, CHUBB, FOURNETTE, KEENAN and EDELMAN, ANDREWS or HENRY OR AFTER TRADE: ZEKE, COOK, FOURNETTE, TYREEK, KEENAN, ANDREWS Playing for $ this yr.
  3. stand pat. wouldn't do it. just offer one of your bench WRs for Mattison if you think you need the insurance for Cook
  4. i think Bell will be better now with Darnold back to make defenses consider his arm..i think i do it. Chubb is a stud...but Hunt might cut into him some.
  5. was offered Lamar Jackson and Keenan Allen for Mahomes and Henry...other team is HURTING at TE MY ROSTER (PPR league) QB - Mahomes WR - Julio,Flash,Fuller, AJG RB - Barkley, Fournette, J-White, Coleman. Brieda TE- Waller, Henry K- Zuerline DEF - Chi, KC (have waiver in dropping KC for Robby Anderson) both teams are 5-0...we are both losing this week though THOUGHTS????
  6. not enough.....freeman is a dud and djax is pretty close to being a drop. i have zeke in one league and would want a something better than freeman.
  7.'s a keep 3 league....this year i kept LAMAR and MAHOMES. I can keep them for 2 more years.... Lamar - 9th and 7th, Mahomes - 10th and 8th.
  8. I Dunno..... Godwin and Ingram both have had one BIG week to boost numbers....I don't see that happening often... Evans getting back on track will drop Godwins numbers some I like Ingram but think he's TD dependent.....Barkley will do ALL once back and talk is he is ahead of schedule. Week to week think Saquon will be more consistant and Danny Dimes will boost value also. Rolling the Dice!
  9. Pending trade for Saquan, 10 team PPR, 4-0, second in overall points. M. Ingram II and Godwin For Barkley MY ROSTER AFTER TRADE QB- Mahomes, Lamar WR- Julio, Gordon, AJ Green RB- Barkley, Mixon, JWhite, Coleman, Burkhead TE- Waller K- Zurlein DEF- Chicago Thoughts
  10. actually.....he might not take that.....Mahomes is such a stud.....i would even consider this......Kyler,Chubb,S.Michel for Mahomes and Melvin Gordon. could roll this weekly Mahomes and Dak Zeke / Cook T. Hill or Watkins or lockett or diggs flex - Melvin Gordon He's getting 2 solid Rbs in return to shore up his thin RB group, but out of the 3....i would rank going forward...Chubb slightly over gordon until gordon gets in the groove...Michel is a DISTANT 3rd. Mahomes is obviously the STUD of the deal.
  11. swap evans out with cooks and ask for Watkins and ride the train until tyreek comes back.....hell....offer the tyreek guy evans in a package deal in a couple weeks...