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  1. Almost afraid to mention him, because at this point there won't even be a sticker up on our auction board with his name on it, but I'm so damn giddy over this kid that I can't keep it to myself, and yes he looks like DJ all over again. PD
  2. The only RB that Bruce Arians brought in to the Bucs and know one is talking about this guy. Excellent pass catching ability, good size, and Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber as competition. Where's the love? PD
  3. It's brutal in my 12 team league at WR the only other guys out there are the Dolphin boys and Jordy. PD
  4. I'm pretty much forced to play MVS, missed out on all the waiver wire WR's this week. Here me out though, we all know AR loves nothing more than himself and his ego, and this is his week to show the world that his "suckiness" so far this season is because of the coaching and not him, so I expect him to ball out this week against the Falcons for at least 300 yards passing and 3TD's, and are you telling me Devante and gimpy Jimmy are going to catch all those balls? Secondly, the Packers truly started sucking once they took MVS out of the game plan and stopped taking deep shots down the field. We did see a bump in targets last week. I'm thinking a floor of 60 yards and a ceiling of 125 yards 1TD, and for a #3 WR, that's all you can hope for. PD
  5. Chub or Lyndsey standard league? Convince me I should start Chub over Lyndsey, because I'm not sure Lyndsey is benchable at this point. PD
  6. Agree, Jones mid to low range RB2, Chub high end RB2 border line RB1. Pd
  7. Yeah but the Packers passing game has been abysmal and I don't see that improving today when they can just run the ball all day and get a win. PD
  8. Well after seeing Rodgers trying to warm up in about 20 mph winds and snow....hello Baker Mayfield. PD
  9. Smokey proving to be really frustrating to own, may have cost me another win, are we ever going to see any consistency out of this guy? PD
  10. and I thought Gordon getting out of Cleveland was going to be a good thing....ugh. PD
  11. If Gronk is inactive I'll start him, otherwise bench until I see him co exist with the rest of the Pats pas catchers. PD
  12. "Active" ...ok my Josh man love is just to deep for so many years to bench him now, he's going in over Stills, I hope the kid balls out and shocks the world!! PD