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  1. How you sit Ertz in finals is beyond me. Regardless of week 15th's egg he's the top 1-2 TE in the league. Congrats to those resilient ones who did not bench.
  2. This Bears/Niners game has had 2 plays in 15 min..wtf is going on.
  3. Highly doubt Ingram gets 20+ carries. They aren't going to phase out Kamara and it wont be a game where both backs get 20+.. PIT has a strong rush D as well. This might be an arial battle over a ground one unless NO is up by 2 TD's.
  4. Gordon owners tweet Dixon a nice thank you.
  5. CMC taking a rest day to prepare for QB/RB/WR duties this Sunday.
  6. Jordy might be a good play versus a decimated Broncos D secondary @ home. Definite risk, but who else sees upside here?
  7. Godwin is a league winner. - CBS, ESPN, Rotoworld experts.