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  1. Hmmmm.....hmmmm.....he can put up numbers in 20 minutes tho....but he can also not put up anything like tonight......and then there's Scott Brooks...but what if he goes 20/14/8/2/2 in 25 minutes in the next game.......I hate fantasy....
  2. Well, i'm holding, but if his ankles flare up again....
  3. *Sniff* *Sniff* Yall smell that? It smells like Rank 25. Da **** does Josh Lloyd know.
  4. That they're playing Memphis somewhat lessens the blow for me, but damn, can I at least get a 6/3/3 line lmao.
  5. Okay cool, you get me then. It sucks when you got dudes in here like that one mod. Any reaction he don't agree with he's like: "That reaction is inappropriate!" "PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE FEELINGS!!!" Total buzzkill lmao.
  6. I mean we're just "reacting" bro, you don't really got put yourself in these predicaments where you gotta box score watch every game to justify yourself. If your daddy died, and you were a little sad, I wouldn't tell you you're "overreacting" and "that people die all the time you should've expected this." Same ish here lol.
  7. Injuries like this just make think about Harden more and more, does so much yet durable as **#*, built like a tank since early in his career. can play a slower game, take a lot of contact and dish out alot. Smart dude.
  9. I guess it's on the individual situation. Rondo hurt a finger, he could still keep up with his conditioning. But if I'm in Kawhi or Jimmy's shoes, and their health could affect their next contract, I can see why they would take every precaution. People gonna question their "manhod" or whatever, but if they get injured and lose out on money, I'm sure they're gonna be like "Psh, I lost a couple million, whatever, I still got my manhood credibility, validated by random people, it was worth it."
  10. I mean I don't agree, but he did give his reasons. Much respect.
  11. Send your thoughts and prayers to his inflamed ankles, life's not all about fantasy stats. SMH.
  12. I mean I think its just as valid as "just wait for Jesus to bless Rubio post all-star break" or all the wild things you see here like: "Just be patient, he'll be better" OMFG! HE'LL BE BETTER?! HALLELEJUAH, THANKS FOR THIS EXPERT ANALYSIS!
  13. Yeah you right, I'm of the same mindset... Regardless, you're being a little irrational, let's not overreact here...
  14. Oh don't you worry, if he ***** the bed in his first game back, I'm coming straight here.
  15. I'm pretty excited, especially since he's been on the bench, studying his team's tendencies, the game, his opponents, and the Lakers are in a fight for their playoff lives right now... An 8/15reb/22ast game incoming...