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  1. LeGarrette Blount 2018 Outlook

    What tier do we find Legarette in this week?? Currently mulling Justin jackson, Blount, Cook, and Zay jones. I think it’s almost a given kerryon is out at this point. Assuming he is Arizona is a really nice matchup on paper although they held up against Aaron Jones pretty well this past week. However, 15-20 carries against a nice matchup with a high likelihood of a touchdown I think he makes for a nice option this week.
  2. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    I have the Texans as well and definitely holding but I'm debating playing the Giants against Sanchez this week since the Colts put up a lot on the Texans last time (although the Jags shut them down). The only bad part is that Landon Collins just got put on IR for the Giants. A few other streamers I've considered are the Cowboys and the Lions against the Eagles and Cardinals respectively. Important week for me so trying to guess right on the defense.
  3. 12/2/2018 - Vikings at Patriots Gameday Thread

    Anyone know why Cook wasn't in on that series??
  4. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    Well considering they’re both over 6 ft and weigh nearly the same, with similar combine measurables I would say that is the most accurate or best comparison.
  5. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

  6. Austin Ekeler 2018 Outlook

    If there is any week to start him it is this week against a horrific Oakland defense. The Chargers should be in control the majority of the game and as a result Im starting Gordon and Ekeler at flex
  7. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    Most valuable back to own in Philly in my opinion. Coaches like him and whether or not you are a fan of his running style his stats are pretty solid. Worth holding and seeing how his usage unfolds.
  8. 2018 Favorable Schedule Targets

    If you consider a set of: 6, 11, and 11 in standard as good games so far this year from top tier receivers I would say your definition of good is different than mine. Additionally, you keep comparing the Jags defense this year to defenses in the past. That is not the point of strength of schedule. The Jags by the number have the best pass defense so far this year. So when looking at strength of schedule you compare the defense the team is playing to the other current defenses in the NFL to see how difficult the matchup would be compared to if a receiver was playing a different current team.
  9. 2018 Favorable Schedule Targets

    I'll try to conclude this as we are getting off topic of the thread. TY Hilton has played with Luck for the majority of his career (2012-current). Alshon on the other hand played with Jay Cutler from 2012-2016 and played with Wentz last year albeit he had a torn rotator cuff and Wentz got hurt. However, for their entire careers Alshon has had more touchdowns due to the type of receiver he is although he has 1500 less yards. I would say the discrepancy in yards and touchdowns can be attributed to the quarterbacks as Jay Cutler has never thrown for over 4,000 yards but threw it up in the end zone a lot while Luck has exceeded 4,000 yards 3 times although he didn't play last year and coincidentally Hilton didn't go over 1000 yards. This year with a quarterback of similar caliber Alshon has nearly the exact stats as TY despite playing in 1 less game. I think Alshon putting up 800+ yards in 2 seasons and 1000+ yards with Cutler would mean he is likely a shoe in for 1000 yards if he had Luck at QB. So to say TY is 10X what Alshon is would be an incorrect statement. And you are absolutely correct about being able to somewhat predict touchdowns based on matchup. So if we take that into account, did you know that the Jaguars are tied for second in least number of touchdowns allowed? They've also given up the least amount of passing yards. Jalen Ramsey is an elite corner and if he's shadowing your guy I would consider that a bad matchup. So yes you're correct touchdowns are not completely random, I was just saying yards are typically a better indicator. However, the whole disagreement began over whether the Jags are a bad matchup. Granted they don't completely shut people down, but it is a fact that they have given up the least amount of yards, the second least amount of touchdowns, and have a lockdown corner in Ramsey and Bouye once he gets back to full health.
  10. 2018 Favorable Schedule Targets

    They do count but they are impossible to predict. Yards are usually a good indicator. Caliber meaning eliteness not body type. Fantasy wise the two average the same amount of points despite Alshon playing in 1 less game.
  11. 2018 Favorable Schedule Targets

    First off TY isn’t in the AB, Odell, Hopkins realm. Secondly Alshon (same caliber as TY) got shut down last week for 3 points. You realize Hopkins scored a touchdown very late in that game. Had he not then that’s a 4 point outing. Tyreek only had 6 points. Keenan Allen had 4. TY gets 3 or 5 without his TD. Basically its a touchdown or bust when you play the Jaguars unless you are Odell or AB. TY is not and will likely get a small yardage total and you have to hope for a TD.
  12. 2018 Favorable Schedule Targets

    If Jalen shadows it’s arguably the worst matchup
  13. 2018 Favorable Schedule Targets

    I like the Seahawks D. They’ve done really well, will probably be on the waivers because of their upcoming schedule, but they play Sam Fran week 13 and week 15.
  14. Golden Tate 2018 Outlook

    Adams is averaging 5.4 yards per carry. Smallwood is averaging 4.3. Clement is averaging 3.3. I think it’s too early to completely rule out the Eagles backfield. Granted a more established threat would be nice but they do have some semblance of a running game. If they don’t add one it’ll mean they’re committed to going more pass heavy and means more tds for Wentz and company.
  15. Golden Tate 2018 Outlook

    Considering I watch most Eagles games I feel like I have some value to this thread albeit I don’t own Tate. The Eagles were desperate for a receiver outside of Alshon and although Tate plays slot he is interchangeable and can be used all over the field. Tate adds an additional threat and frees up Agholor to rotate between the slot and the outside. I don’t think Tate will come in and put up 100 yards every game. I actually don’t think his value will change that much than when he was with Detroit. I believe the major benefactors will be Jeffrey and Wentz while Agholor and Tate will remain serviceable options. Ertz value doesn’t change for me either.