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  1. I should add: I mostly play in leagues that use MI, CI, and 5 OF. If your league(s) don’t include these positions you probably won’t need to aim quite so high.
  2. Oh, I completely agree. I rarely go after the big speed guys. I’ll typically build a roster around two or three who can net you 20+ steals and shoot to fill in the rest with guys who can chip in like 7–10 (catcher excluded, of course).
  3. From my experience (12 team mostly) there’s always one guy who goes really speed heavy and winds up winning the category with like 170-180 SBs. Don’t be that guy, and don’t try to chase him. You don’t need to be first in steals to win the league. That said, typically I’ve found the sweet spot is to shoot for about 140. This will almost always be enough to get you into the top 4/5 within the category, while still allowing you the ability to put together a team that won’t drain you in other areas.
  4. Benintendi is a borderline first rounder in my book. But I’m admittedly pretty high on him.
  5. Probably just means he wasn't hustling to get a deal done
  6. Don't forget Hoskins will likely be playing 1st with Santana going to the M's. If that happens, I'll be treating him as a top 5 option at the position. Also, I believe I've heard J-Ram is moving back to 2nd?? Not entirely sure on that one, but if so it definitely helps.
  7. Agree with azeri, Goldy is definitely going to cost more. Especially with the Yanks (and possibly even Boston) rumored to be in on him as well. And I just don't see why the Dbacks would want the aging (not to mention more expensive) Matt Carpenter to begin with. Just doesn't make sense for them to move Goldy at all if that's the best return they can get.
  8. Yep. His wife even ended a recent Instagram post with the hashtag #18monthcountdown. Can't imagine what else she could be referring to. Sucks.
  9. FYI Blackmon signed an extension with Colorado back in April:
  10. I would assume his back is still giving him problems. He's dealt with back tightness/soreness in each of the past three seasons (though usually not until around August/September), but this year it started early, like first week of the regular season, if I'm not mistaken.