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  1. Exactly. He actually pitched quite well aside from the HBP. Made Braun look downright foolish with that wicked 90mph slider of his.
  2. Regarding the Blake Treinen situation: Treinen said he believes the issue to be elbow tendinitis, which he’s had before but, he told The Chronicle, he’s usually been able to throw through it before. “It kind of hit me (Saturday) morning and I’ll get through the off day and pick it back up from there,” Treinen said. “It’s just kind of fluke soreness. It just popped up. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know a ton about it.”
  3. Idk, Spencer seems pretty hyped about it
  4. I might actually say he’s a buy/hold. At least for the short term, as he’s got a cakewalk schedule coming up extending through mid May, where he’ll face the Pirates, White Sox (twice), Royals, and Angels. By then, if he’s still dealing (or at least appears to be), you may be able to sell him as this years Patrick Corbin.
  5. For those of you considering running him out there tonight...
  6. Anyone have the stones to roll Mikolas out there today?
  7. On the surface it seems that way, but coming into that game Cubs hitting actually ranked tops in baseball.
  8. At first glance your offense looks great—decent amount of power, good speed—but I think you’re going to find you’re a little light on RBIs, with at least 7 of your starting hitters (Hernandez, Andrus, Blackmon, Cain, Merrifield, Buxton and Ramos) not projected to be very impactful in that department. Pitching looks fine. Just need to work the wire for saves throughout the season.
  9. I agree. I think Jeffress is the smart stash here.
  10. I should add: I mostly play in leagues that use MI, CI, and 5 OF. If your league(s) don’t include these positions you probably won’t need to aim quite so high.