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  1. I'm team Gary. Otto Porter isn't back yet so Ariza will likely take a hit. He won't keep up this great shooting either.
  2. I'd go with Embiid but you can't go wrong either way. Only hesitation is health, which is in KAT's favor.
  3. I'm gonna go with Robert Williams purely for the shot blocking ability.
  4. bump.. still have this offer in my inbox but can't decide... WHIR
  5. The Nuggets and these mysterious updates.... sheesh.
  6. Box score wouldn't tell me he had 4 fouls at half though (if I checked it at end of game). I wasn't watching the game or checking his box score throughout the game.
  7. I think Holmes is getting the majority of his minutes as the backup 5; I believe he gets a sprinkle here and there at the 4. But I don't watch many Suns games either...
  8. Any details on this injury other than swelling? Does he have a history of knee problems?
  9. Surely not, right? Isn't Oubre a SF? I don't think Holmes was even getting PF minutes and Oubre would not play C, so I don't see Oubre taking any minutes from Holmes.
  10. Serge Ibaka out with knee swelling and we all know JV's situation. I can't believe I'm asking, but.... is it Moose time?!
  11. Well damn. Wish I would've read about the foul trouble before I dropped him for Richaun Holmes...
  12. I'm just here for the steals. Anything else is gravy, and man have I gotten full off of gravy lately.
  13. Can he keep up this 1.6 steal per game pace? We know 2 or so three pointers will be there, but I'm looking at those steals and wondering if he can keep that up.
  14. Dump Zeller even though I have Bullock and Monte Morris and Satoransky for a sprinkle of threes?