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  1. Time to start him next game (against DEN), right?
  2. Saric or Waiters ROS? WHIR

    Run with Saric. He's the number 1 guy right now in Philly.
  3. I'd probably wait for another game or two before dropping Gordon. Has the trade deadline passed in your league? You can try to trade Gordon for a better big than Holmes.
  4. Do it. Ibaka has a bigger opportunity now with Lowry out for the next 4-5 weeks.
  5. Team and league setting as follows: 10-team, 9-cat, roto league PG: Conley, Teague, G.Hill SG: K.Thompson, Bradley SF: K.Leonard, Crowder, Middleton PF: Horford, Millsap, Dieng C: Towns, Vucevic I'm thinking Irving > Teague, but Irving's most likely going to be rested down the stretch. Middleton's workload is ramping up, is starting, has top-30 upside, but will likely sit at least once in back-to-back games. Ross has the green light in Orlando. Which side wins? Leave a link below. WHIR. Thanks!
  6. Darren Collison

    I'd drop Chriss. The upside is there, but I think he's still inconsistent. (Thanks for the help!)
  7. Thanks for helping. I concur with the others. Drop LeVert. My pickup would be Lin or Leuer.
  8. My Crowder for his G. Hill.. WHIR

    I own both, and I value Crowder more than Hill. Hill has not returned to his early season form, and is more injury-prone than Crowder.
  9. I own Middleton, too. And I'm planning to keep him in my IL until his production and playing time increases. Try to do a 2-for-1 trade to open up a roster spot. Otherwise, I'd drop Ilyasova.
  10. I like Ilyasova+Rivers here. Shabazz is a scorer with not much else to offer, while Sweet Lou's playing time might decrease later on as the Lakers focus on player development. Please help with mine.
  11. I'm sticking with Horford for now, but I'm thinking of countering to get his Turner+Porter:
  12. Team and league settings shown below: 10-team, 9-cat, roto league PG: Conley, Teague, Ferrell SG: K.Thompson, Bradley, G.Hill SF: K.Leonard, Crowder PF: Horford, Millsap, Dieng C: Towns, Vucevic IL: Middleton My team is doing well in 3PTM/AST, need to catch up in FG%/TO. Other team needs AST. He offers Turner for my Horford. Comparing their stats, we both get what we need. (Horford has more 3PTM/AST, Turner has better FG%/BLK/TO, almost even in PTS/STL/FT%.) I was told in a previous thread to stick with Horford for his multi-cat contributions. I'm thinking of countering by offering Horford+Crowder+(3rd player) for his Turner+Porter. I really like Crowder, but I'm thinking he might be a bit of a sell high due to Bradley's eventual return. (Or is his current production sustainable?) Which third player should I offer to make this trade fair? Is Yogi enough? (I'm thinking Horford for Turner is fair value, so it might boil down to Crowder+(3rd player) for Porter.) Other team has D.Collison, Gortat and Markieff Morris as possible trade fodder, although a 3-for-2 trade might be better. Leave a link. WHIR. Thanks.
  13. Run with it! Melo may be shutdown later on (if he stays with the Knicks), while Otto has been a top-20 player for the season. (Thanks for the help.)
  14. Drop Aminu for Tucker or Yogi?

    Drop Aminu for Tucker, although it's possible that Tucker's value will diminish if he's traded away. Yogi's value will also take a hit when one or both injured Dallas PGs return.
  15. Do I Gamble on upside...? (WHIR)

    I'd also gamble on Willy. Favors has been a headache all season. Can't seem to be/stay healthy, with random "rest" days.