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  1. Due to shortage of options, in a full PPR, I have to start one of the following: Golladay - Tre’davious white treatment Humphries - 2 Rs = Ravens + Rainy Cobb - great game vs Bears in week 1
  2. I’m firing up the Vikings D, and I hope Stills throws up a goose egg!
  3. Not sure if this is PPR or standard, but I would go with Martin, and I don’t think it’s close. Dallas is on the opposite end of the spectrum vs RBs compared to Cincy, and they’ve been playing much better recently. I think Martin goes off for 120 total yds and 1 TD.
  4. While Henry won't repeat last week's performance, I feel he'll get the bulk of the carries this week. You won't get any receptions, but I'd expect 80yds and 1 Td.
  5. Ertz over Samuel if Connor is back. While expect Rodgers to have a decent game, I think Jones will struggle. Ertz over Jones as well. Ertz has a great connection with Foles, and I'd definitely want him in my lineup this weekend.
  6. WHIR - Please leave link! The worst playoff team started Big Mike, and I'm in a bit of a hole. His team isn't great, and I was the #1 seed, but I'm dealing with several injuries recently( Gordon, Ware, Beckham, Green). In a FULL PPR, please set my lineup: Pick 1 RB (started Jackson yesterday) Mixon Cohen Ingram Pick 3 - Beckham Samuel Cobb Sutton Agholor Reynolds Baldwin Golladay Humphries Gostkowski Bailey Rosas VikingsSaints
  7. I understand it’s the accepted narrative, but it doesn’t exactly answer the question. Is NE vs Bills in week 16 a great matchup? Patriots can easily win, while at the same time allowing a lot of garbage yds/pts to the Bills.
  8. I'm all for chasing matchups vs the Bills, but the Lions have been horrible. Plus Allen produced decent number vs Jax.
  9. @yanksman how would you rank these WRs in a full PPR for weeks 15 and 16 only: Tre’quan DJ Moore Reynolds Coutee Sutton
  10. I’m in a similar situation where I’m contemplating dropping Ravens for Texans. Cincy won’t have Green next week and Raiders should be a great matchup, but I wouldn’t feel safe using them after week 12.
  11. Slay doesn’t cover the slot, and Amendola has a nice line from that position last week.
  12. Interested send league rules to jaapuentes@gmail.com and I’ll join if it looks good.