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  1. Hi all, In 8-cat roto 9 team league, what's your opinion on this trade? I give away: Jimmy Butler, Draymond Green and Bledsoe. I receive: Damian Lillard, Bradley Beal and Deandre Jordan.
  2. Too much give away value i think. AD+Harris deserves a lot more than A.Gordon plus kemba
  3. You must have someone else to drop than blake griffin right? He's the new captain of clippers, just don't do it.
  4. Harris side is a bit better i think. In terms of efficiency harris > wiggins, collins > WCS despite murray is inconsistent from time to time.
  5. Capela >>>>>> Nurkic this season to me, I'd take capela's side
  6. So glad I added this guy right before he went off last night
  7. That is way less than what's needed to get harris in an equal trade, i'd take it and run
  8. Harden. Kawhi could easily get rested by popo for all kinds of reasons