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  1. Carson
  2. Agree. Can’t go away from Cooper in PPR, he’s been fire.
  3. Hooper and Jags
  4. Martin by the slightest of margins. I think his ceiling is a little higher this week.
  5. Samuel and Pettis for sure. Samuel getting touches every game and lots of targets, as is Pettis with Garçon out for the year.
  6. Wow. That’s insanely tough. I sit Lindsay though....
  7. I’m also missing Gordon, Odell and Ware, it’s tough. Mixon for sure Samuel, Sutton, Hump Ghost Vikes
  8. The waiver options are Edwards, Dixon, McGuire, Adams, Henry or Breida. League is $500 a team so lots at stake. WHIR, thx for any help.
  9. Cowboys v Eagles Houston v Colts Cowboys D or Houston D? Thanks for any input.
  10. I actually like the Humphries matchup.