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  1. 17 points (7-11) 8 rebounds 1 assist 3 3 pointers (3-6) 21 mins Another great game for Saric hopefully he finally take's over starting PF Gibson is not really contributing enough.You trade butler to just have this guy on your bench? Somehow scooped him up in the wire after last game .
  2. Something to consider before both season/fantasy trade deadline arrives is what players to target for playoffs scheduling if you have a good outlook of making playoffs already . Last year was sitting in 1st place all year until playoffs came along and most of my players had 3 game weeks sneaked into finals only to lose to a opponent stacked with 4 game players. Choose wisely think smart plan ahead try to swap out 3-3-3 for a 4-3-4 especially that final week when it all counts.Obviously production is key so look at the numbers and team end of season outlook (tanking-resting players) W22 March 11-17 W23 March 18-24 W24 March 25-31 Sacramento Kings 4-4-4 12 games Total Washington Wizards 4-4-4 Cleveland Cavaliers 4-4-3 Denver Nuggets 3-4-4 Detroit Pistons 4-4-3 Houston Rockets 4-4-3 11 games Total Los Angeles Clippers 4-3-4 Los Angeles Lakers 4-3-4 Oklahoma City Thunder 4-3-4 Utah Jazz 4-4-3 Boston Celtics 3-4-3 Charlotte Hornets 3-4-3 Dallas Mavericks 3-4-3 Golden State Warriors 2-5-3 <--------- 5 game week Indiana Pacers 3-4-3 Miami Heat 3-4-3 10 games total Milwaukee Bucks 3-4-3 Portland Trail Blazers 3-3-4 San Antonio Spurs 3-4-3 Toronto Raptors 3-4-3 Atlanta Hawks 3-3-3 Brooklyn Nets 4-2-3 <------- 2 game week Chicago Bulls 3-3-3 Memphis Grizzlies 2-3-4 <------2 game week Minnesota Timberwolves 3-3-3 9 games total New Orleans Pelicans 3-3-3 New York Knicks 3-4-2<---------2 game week Orlando Magic 3-2-4 <----------2 game week Philadelphia 76ers 3-3-3 Phoenix Suns 3-3-3 Good luck hope this helps
  3. He spoiled us cant wait for his 4-4-3 playoff schedule
  4. Yahoo has him as a Net still and N/A hence nets played earlier showed him locked in.Will they update his stats if he plays today with Houston
  5. 2/5 1 run no k's today (Leading off) in his new full timer Hope to see more SB/R (14/16 SB ) due to leading off and creating runs for the O's early in front Jones ...wish full thinking
  6. 6.2 innings 3BB 3k 1 quality start hopefully shark start biting the k's .Kept them in the game enough to tie so far .Hopefully he keeps shaking of rust
  7. From yahoo fantasy tweets If he was in the feed last night (not something we control), he would have been in the game. I have reached out to our stats provider to get you (and others) an accurate update. If he appears in the feed tonight, he will be in the game tomorrow. That's how it wo 41 minutes later he tweeted He was added to our feeds and will be in the game tomorrow. I know this isn't the answer you wanted but that is where we are at. And I do not disagree that he should have been in the system already.
  8. In the finals as 1st seed My opponent picked up Burke on Sunday most of his players players play 4 times this week I have Capela Harden 3 times and they rested today Lowry for only 2 games will have to drop after today Oladipo and Aaron gordon 3 times only this week Love comes back starts killing for me and get hits in the tooth today and now might be on concussion protocol Im going to start looking at playoff schedule much closer next year smh
  9. Yahoo has that in place for your first 2 picks it's to "prevent" top picks from being drop to cheat .let your league manager know you will be dropping Lowry (if needed) he can drop him for you its not illegal. He was my second keeper(2 per year) along side harden will drop for good and keep Oladipo next year You can get 3 games out of other players team for Wednesday Friday Sunday . https://hashtagbasketball.com/advanced-nba-schedule-grid Only reason Im dropping is because I have a-lot of 3 game players and Harden/Capela resting tmrw just to **** me over
  10. Yes but now that I advance to finals and he plays 3 times this week I'm worried when they play Chicago on Tuesday and Paul prob comes back he''ll get the rest which we know he says he doesn't do but lets be serious Chicago or Phoenix Thursday are the next laughable opponents Spurs on Sunday which we know he'll play .So crossing my fingers and hope he continue to play out
  11. ******Tonight’s game vs. Charlotte is still on! Please allow yourself extra travel time on account of the weather. Visit mta.info for transportation updates. Looks like we dodge one guys Sixers twitter also mentions game is still on Good luck
  12. Snow starts around 6am will pick up and last all day with wind gust over 35 mph .Game will be prob called by afternoon . All tied up to the roads and transit system here in NYC if its as heavy as they say those game wont be played for sure. Good luck
  13. Im from New york schools are already closed for tomorrow .Will be pretty bad thru thursday 12-18 inches predicted will shut city down Memphis at Philadelphia (Dont know about this area much but will get hit also) Miami at New york Charlotte at Brooklyn
  14. If you are down big then go right ahead if not keep him for Fri -Sat drop Sunday if needed