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  1. Sorry got into one of the others I had tried. Sounds like A challenge that another time id be up for but doesn't fit what I'm looking for as well as the other one. Thanks though.
  2. Very rough teams for sure. Are these leagues very active? DOesn't look like much is happening running up to season?
  3. Can you post minor league rosters so people know what they would be starting with.
  4. I am interested. colts . faithful at yahoo . com
  5. Ok so Id like to take on the challenge of the Braves team. Im expecting that this is an active league and people will be wanting to make trades and be active ely responding and hope I am correct so I can stay and improve this team. Send invite and ill get started. Im sure Ill have questions once I get in. colts. faithful @ yahoo. com (obviously no spaces)
  6. Well will are a challenge to fix that team but id be up for it I say. Colt.faithful @
  7. Is there a prospect roster?
  8. Can I check out the site link? I have some interest. Questions: So each team owns a minor league system. But do I also own the minor league system that goes with my Major league team or no?
  9. Cause I am both it for some reason sent you to that one. I already resent it. Hopefully it adds you and then ill fix the duplicates.
  10. Sent! Let me know when your in on the chat.
  11. This is an ESPN league that is in need of two owners. There is a 1 round draft each season but can keep as many or few as you want. Let me know any questions you have: Detroit: Memphis: