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  1. 20 team dynasty needs 2

    Interested in the first team. Id like to see the minors roster. colts. faithful@ yahoo (dot) com

    why wouldn't you just post some details here and we will email if those details interest us. Shoot your not even giving the type of league so we can say if we are interested.
  3. hmmm not sure how you call this a Dynasty when you barley keep half your roster. Seems more like a keeper to me.
  4. Ill take Gorilla suit if someone else doesn't already. colts. faithful (at) yahoo .com
  5. Ya saw those two already and that I missed out on the one that had trout. Id join if it did. I already have a handful of dynasty's so only looking to add one if I can find one with Trout.
  6. I am specifically looking for a team that has Trout even if it needs a rebuild.
  7. Id take the NL WEST Colts. faithful (AT)
  8. ESPN Roto Dynasty Needs 3

    by the way, a easy and quick and good chat to set up is Chatroll at
  9. ESPN Roto Dynasty Needs 3

    Dang it sorry its not gmail, my bad.
  10. ESPN Roto Dynasty Needs 3

    Defiantly be interesting playing in a league so shallow compared to all my others I suppose. Id take Lumber Colts (dot) faithful @g
  11. ESPN Roto Dynasty Needs 3

    id be interested if bigger rosters curious why with so few teams you guys have such shallow rosters?