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  1. I would lean Golladay + M Jones might be out too so they will have to feed him (by theory). Davis has been a dud all season when away from home.
  2. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    If this man doesn’t suit up I’m screwed
  3. Trade Ebron or Kittle for Juju?

    Ebron now that Doyd is back
  4. Marquise Goodwin 2018 Outlook

    I didn’t a choice but played last week and he rewarded by just 1 bomb lol. This guy is so hard to drop yet so scary to plug him in. That said I’m still holding on to him
  5. Who’s Better... CMC or Michel? WHIR

    Sony will eventually catch lot of passes too don’t forget. People are scared of NE backfield but it’s very clear that’s Sony is Hoodie’s new shiny toy
  6. Who’s Better... CMC or Michel? WHIR

    Yes, Sony’s TD upside is huge compare to CMC
  7. Marquise Goodwin 2018 Outlook

    Yes I’m crippled with byes and Kupp is injuried so I might have to roll the dice with Goodwin
  8. Marquise Goodwin 2018 Outlook

    anyone rolling with him this week with Garcon is officially out?
  9. Danny Amendola 2018 Outlook

    Kearse left me a permanent scar too lol
  10. Evan Engram 2018 Outlook

    He has Waiver value now until he shows up with a good game
  11. Kupp + Kelce for Diggs + Tate + McDonald?? WHIR

    FWIT, below is my opponent’s line up for the wk Carr LMurry(or Cook), Hyde Nuk, Landry Punchess Rudolph NE Pats Jake Elliots
  12. Kupp + Kelce for Diggs + Tate + McDonald?? WHIR

    He also has Ashon who is going against Ramsey this week in London. I’m not very fuzzy on Tate either. Lions seem to establish the running game so less passes to go around
  13. Kupp + Kelce for Diggs + Tate + McDonald?? WHIR

    Anyone else? as stated, injured Kupp and Sony might stay out longer than expected then kill my playoff hope. I’m currently 3-4 and my opponent (4-3) is already making trade move. I understand Kelce is superior but Diggs upsides is huge. below is my current line up. Much appreciate any input. qb: TB12 Rb: DJ, Carson Wr: DAdams, Goodwin Flex: JRichard TE: Kelce DST: Ravens kicker: Bailey Bench: Winston, Sony,RoJo, ACooper, CKupp, Sutton, Engram
  14. In a playoff race bubble so I need a legit WR this week. If not I’ll have to roll with Goodwin who’s going against Patric Peterson so not a good matchup at all. should I take that trade? my other TE is Engram
  15. Trade away White for Ingram?? WHIR

    Why? White is like the lite version of Kamara and he’s getting more opportunities in the next few games with Sony out. Stay put