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  1. Andrew Luck 2018 Outlook

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. It still gets discussed the time I went with Billy Volek over Drew Brees in the super bowl. My worst decision ever and I will never live it down. Ugh I’m cringing just writing this. Going in the fetal position now.
  2. Tarik Cohen 2018 Outlook

    He’s RB14 in standard for the year. AP will pass him tonight making him RB15. Just pointing that out.
  3. Steeler Fake FG For TD -- Scoring

    Yeah the personnel on the field can never be a determining factor for score settings. Those that think differently ask yourself this: How would you decide who gets the points if the personnel consisted of mostly the special teams unit with the exception of a few players? In other words, how do you determine it’s the special team unit vs the offense if the kicker is on the field along with Big Ben or it’s a mix of special team players and offense starters? You can’t. That’s why it can only be determined by the action of the play where if the ball is kicked then the players become special teams. Not before it is kicked.
  4. Larry Fitzgerald 2018 Outlook

    I agree. The team, including Fitz, has given up. I watched a lot of the last 2 games and Fitz is just jogging on most plays. No effort, just going through the motions. It’s actually amazing he even got 2 targets given his complete lack of enthusiasm.
  5. Corey Davis 2018 Outlook

    I can’t believe my playoff hopes are in the hands of Corey Davis tonight. Here’s to hoping for 50 yds and a TD.
  6. Start Sanders or Keenan Allen

    This isn’t that easy a choice as Allen will probably have Chris Harris on him most of the time. Then again they may mix it up and play more zone after Harris vented about not being able to affect the game when the offense just throws to the guy he isn’t covering all game. I guess most will say to go with Allen, but it’s close and I’d say it’s even closer in standard to either one being a legitimate choice.
  7. Start 3 WRs, WHIR

    No question about it, Cooks, Diggs and Boyd.
  8. Trade Help WHIR

    I like the move for you since you are already in the playoffs. Now is the time to get rid of McCoy if you can. I’d be fine with losing any 2 of those rbs for Green. Start with McCoy and Howard.
  9. Trade help Por favor whir

    It’s fair. Would rather have the Diggs side. Let’s be honest, unless this is a dynasty, deep bench or a 14 team league Freeman is pretty worthless. JMO. If you can get Diggs for Mack I’d do it.
  10. Michel or Howard as RB2

    Howard. Detroit is yielding something like 5 yards/carry.
  11. Yep! Washington is going to have to throw to keep up with Fitzmagic. With all their injuries I’m betting Harris leads the team in targets this week.
  12. Is this trade unfair ?? WHIR

    The ONLY reason to veto a trade is collusion. The fairness is totally irrelevant. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/733552-big-ben-or-brady/
  13. Probably will chose wrong

    Boyd is a WR1 this week. I’d probably go with Chubb over JuJu too in my standard league. If it’s ppr I may lean JuJu. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/733552-big-ben-or-brady/
  14. Ben or fitz?

    Big Ben. Washington secondary is pretty tough. Mine: