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  1. Olsen, he has best matchup, and Allen may relay on him often Laundrys an after thought Hardman could have big day, or Robinson or Kelce, or Williams etc.. Its too a much courasel
  2. I would start all 3 over Goff in that order... FYI I dropped Goff for Allen
  3. Anyone confident he continues what he's been doing tonight???? [...] this game looks like a ground game to me,🤔
  4. Olsen Olsen should benefit from Allen, besides the fact Zona's ranked last @TEs so far this yr..
  5. Stashed Rudolph, dropped Goff for Allen..Feel fine about it
  6. Agreed, but decided to sit him for Andrews and Olsen in both my leagues😣
  7. I would do it....McDonald and Washington's value just went up, Juju probably down.. Cook is a top 5 RB this yr.. Jacobs is not being used in passing game, concerns me in ppr... Raiders probably playing from behind, won't bode well for him John Brown and Kirk are on waviers??? Brown has been in my lineup...Grab him!
  8. Just picked him up for nothing...Very impressed with his preseason..Im all in once Tate, Shepard are all the field
  9. Holding off for now.....If Cam plays, I'll pick him up
  10. Waller or Olsen????Not a bad choice to have at all... Both have good matchup, not sure if Cams playing though WHIR