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  1. I 100% with you here...I just needed to dump Kenny so I didnt talk myself into playing him, once again..I like the Kessler /Westbook chemistry, but actually starting D.Hamilton or Williams if Ware is out hopefully
  2. Just dropped Kenny for Dede..I would start all but Sutton over Kenny.
  3. Just venting, of course I dont really wish harm on anyone... Patricia, Cooter, Stafford... seriously though they need to go bye-bye...Kenny is to good to be subject to this...So unfortunate
  4. I I really wish Stafford would died...Hes as bad as Patricia
  5. Locked&Loaded! Shootout potential Allison= out Cobb=Garbage Adams=Doubled up Modest = 5/90/1
  6. Williams this week... Marvin Jones just torched Seahawks D..See Williams doing the same this week Moore ROS
  7. DeSean all day....C'mon Gordon doesnt look that good
  8. Half ppr Fitzgerald Sutton Jones Jr
  9. No Hahahahaha Its your so- called fantasy experts at there depending on who who listen too