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  1. Cheers! I thought that might be the case. Oh well, thankfully my team is still fairly solid.
  2. To the poster above, Without seeing your team I would suggest dropping James and picking up Green. However this may not be a good idea if you desperately need assists.
  3. This guy's general production makes up for duds like this. Although this was a head-scratching performance.
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted to get your thoughts on the trade I made below. The league is 10 team H2H and I'm punting FG% and Turnovers. I traded Jokic/Gordon/Hardaway Jr for Lillard/Gasol (And I picked up Aminu) I know I overpayed a little bit but I've improved Assists/Blocks and FT% (and possibly points, although most likely not in the short term now that Millsap is out) and only slightly decreased my Rebounds, Threes and Steals. FG% and Turnovers were obviously negatively affected, however I'm not worried about that because I'm punting both of those categories. Do you think I gave up way too much considering the categories I'm punting? This is my team now: Anthony Davis Damian Lillard Marc Gasol Nikola Vucevic Ricky Rubio Marcus Smart Taurean Prince Mario Chalmers JaMychal Green Jamaal Murray Al-Farouq Aminu Pau Gasol Marco Belinelli (streaming spot) Mike Conley (IL) Cheers!