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  1. tender remains unsigned... wonder if they chase a rb early on in the draft and move crowell.
  2. haha just saw your comment. what I will say is like me some Curtis as an explosive option in the early 2nd round of my rookie draft
  3. So measurable were comp'ed and now he is a stud rb1? the dude is likely playing wr in the nfl lol...
  4. Cameron Meredith if he hasn't already been swooped up in a lot of leagues.
  5. For every "sources say hes not being drafted" or " sources say he will be drafted after round 3" I can show you an article stating "sources say hes moving into the first" or "sources say hes locked in the second round".... With his circumstances, no one really knows.
  6. Opportunity cost is something many commenting will ignore here.
  7. This is why salary cap was implemented in my dynasty with subsequent salary cap penalties for cutting guys. Prevents streaming and revolving doors.
  8. Thoughts? I am pretty torn as I am hoping to build a formidable rb core with this dynasty team(aiming for McCoy, gurley, fournette, mixon) prior to considering this trade. I was offered: AJ Green Tevin Coleman 2017 2.04 For Gurley 2017 1.03 2017 2.01 My CURRENT TEAM: QB: Brady,Russell RB: McCoy, Gurley WR: Alshon, Keenan Allen, Diggs Picks in 2017: 1.01(probably fournette depending on location), 1.03
  9. Mavis, when a guy gets injured for the year, he still surrounds himself around trainers, nutrition experts, etc... Do we know if Lynch did the same? Because as far as I can tell, the guy was cruising in retirement. Just worth noting. so, while in theory, its easy to digest the idea that he's been gone with the thought that he was simply injured, I wonder how much of being away from football has a factor on his output
  10. Pete,. After years of this idp format(5years and counting ) , with salary cap constraints, 11 out of top 15 LB by total pts were free agents at the end of this last year in my 10 team league. The way our salary cap system is in place, no one was willing to pay a premium for a guy like kwon Alexander(ex. $10 cost for 10 pts a game vs a 4 dollar cost for 6-7 pts a game for a more average guy). This comes down to personal preference and scoring format proportions(example:tackle scoring vs offensive categories). Id actually love to play in a league with many more idp though. I think this format was decided years ago when we made the leap from defense to actual players but i should try to get us to impliment more idp this new dynasty league.On the surface what i described above you might not like but im confident the salary cap dynasty league format i have in place most on here would enjoy actually.
  11. Bears fan here who watched every snap(torture). Guy is big, moves quick on cuts upfield(wr screens looked pretty) and when he caught the ball it looked like his hands swallowed the ball whole. Hes slippery for a 6 3 tall wr and fights through tackles. He looks smooth out there and there wrre plays where he looks like a wr1 but the bears inept playing calling wont get him far along with the atrocious flow that comes with the play calling. He will be held back from reaching full potential. Kevin white has been a bust so far but, before he went down again, the offense started to really work to get him involved(36 targets in 4 games) and honestly, white was starting to look like a solid wr with the crap qb play. Take with that what you will. Across from Kevin white with similar qb output as last year, Id predict 1100 and 4-6 tds. Glennons tape doesn't tell ME enough about what kind of offense this team is going to operate I think the guys a baller.
  12. I wasn't sure which section this question would fall under but being that this is "general fantasy strategy" I think this is the one. I have a question for some of you that seem to be data analytics experts lol. I am helping create a DYNASTY league on MFL that allows you to utilize the formations setup they have. Without asking anyone to dig too deep into this, am I crazy to think there's a way to find the optimal formation PRIOR TO drafting or is the consensus going to be its all about who you draft? I like to believe that if I consolidated previous years data that I could see a formation or two that, on average, would provide the best point output. Does anyone see a way that I could put together data and it make a little sense? I know that I would need to do quite a bit for the data to be reliable but I am just trying to get a sense of which formations are clear no go's and others that may work by evaluating data over the last few years. In the end, I do UNDERSTAND THAT IT COMES DOWN TO WHO YOU DRAFT but I also believe that if I can throw together some half arse data it could help in the later rounds when looking at two guys at two different positions with similar talent. The formations are below. Ontop of these base positions, we will utilize a qb(obviously) and we run IDP(1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB) Pro Set RB: 2 WR: 2 TE: 1 Single Back RB: 1 WR: 3 TE: 1 Run and Shoot RB: 1 WR: 4 Double Tight RB: 2 WR: 1 TE: 2 Ace RB: 1 WR: 2 TE: 2 Spread RB: 2 WR: 3 Full House RB: 3 TE: 2 5 Wide WR: 5 Jumbo Wing RB: 1 WR: 1 TE: 3 Power I RB: 3 WR: 2 Shotgun 4-Wide WR: 4 TE: 1 Shotgun 3-Wide WR: 3 TE: 2 Goal Line RB: 2 TE: 3
  13. If only I wasn't in a salary cap league I would stash as well...cannot afford to be tying up cap on a stasher of his type unfortunately. If I interpreted the contract correctly, this is potentially just a 1 year 6 million dollar deal..can anyone validate/correct that? I believe theres an out after this upcoming season.
  14. I find it difficult to believe he will slip out of the first round because of his rap sheet. YOUR findings have been available for some time for the public and teams, throughout this whole draft process and he has been a consensus first rounder. If there is a reason he doesn't go first, it will be his horrid combine.
  15. idiots maybe?