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  1. You are using OTA film to evaluate his speed? Bro, look at other OTA film..alot of these wr's are at half speed.
  2. J.T....last year the bears had to deal with JOSH BELLAMY and DEONTE THOMPSON running routes. As a bears fan, I can tell you, the depth(talent of the depth is another story) was very much needed
  3. Ahh i see. At WORST, instead of the 4th round he offered you should be looking for a future first instead. a future first(no matter where it lands) is better then a second or fourth round pick. Demarco is being MASSIVELY undervalued in this offer.
  4. This is an awful trade request by the other party. You really cant find comparable guys to trevor semien in your free agency? Demarco murray should, at the VERY LEAST, yield 1 1st rounder. I would want one this year and a future one to even consider it. He will be a top ten back again and rookies are never guaranteed.
  5. This thread is a waste of space and simply serves as a filler that forced an actual topic off the first page.....carry on
  6. Axe elf?
  7. Evan Engram is surely going to eat into slot targets...
  8. I would go ahead and go Davis. You have DJ and Henry will be able to contribute down the line since this is a dynasty league. Your WR could use a boost of some high young upside
  9. since you indicated you are drafting a rb, then I go Mixon. Mixon will pprobablynot have the most stats at season end compared to one of the others but when it matters(Middle-end of season) I believe Mixon will show what he is capable of. If you can go wr though, Cl3VelenadBrowns is right.
  10. I think a differentiation between year end stats and whose more impactful once the season is rolling needs to be had. For someone who makes playoffs consistently, I believe Mixon will be more impactful heading into the fantasy playoffs.
  11. Mr. Zay Jones... How do we feel about Watkins after the addition of Zay? Zay may serve Sammy well working underneath since Sammy's bread and butter are the deeper balls.
  12. Thoughts on the Ross pick? I would have to imagine he should clear more room across the middle in the intermediate range for AJ with his speed over the top.
  13. No running back drafted worthy of taking the job from Cj. Guys back down to an appropriate weight I like cj this year because of the volume he will ultimately receive.
  14. My die hard redskin buddy would laugh at your statement regarding their OL.i am not sure what they graded out myself but last night he was adamant that, play by play, they are on the up and up and not a major concern in the redskin community.
  15. Sure, he isn't a three down grinder back. Sure, stewart will be come in to get runs between the tackles. When stewart comes in, who will be shocked if mccaffrey is in the slot and highly effective, essentially making him a hybrid 3 down running back ? If he produces as a receiver as anticipated, wont this balance out the fact that he isn't grinding out 20+ carries a game? A few 20+ yard catches here or there would do just fine to balance out lower carry count. Now of you just outright question his talent..sure That's a different story.