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  1. Pretty lame to move it.... oh well.
  2. i would dump mccaffrey for mixon and try for mccaffrey 2nd. Sure, I could be kicking myself with that analysis down the line but Mixon could be a special talent.
  3. I am currently TE-less on my dynasty team(only team in the league with a need). Eric Ebron is a free agent. Intrigued to see his cost. Definitely afraid to go into a year with him as my TE1 though. 700 yards in 13 games.. with the Stafford cooter connection rolling along, a full season(remains to be seen) would have yielded close to top 5 TE.
  4. Bugs, that link doesn't work when I click on it. you should post some of the top names on here manually.
  5. 220k just to lose 10 lbs in the end...that's beyond comical
  6. Based on your team, I believe you need a rb more than a wr. Its clear some on here will disagree with me but if you can land a high end rb1 then, to me, that's a no brainer. If one of these top rb's land in a good spot in next months draft, it may present that high end rb1 potential. But if your going wr, Cl3velandbr0wns knows what hes talking about. Corey Davis..
  7. Bugs, solid deal for Devonte Adams man. I'd echo what Winky said. Take the left overs. Its ALWAYS going to depend on location but, before that is decided, I would definitely hope for Mixon 4th after you go cook/fournette 2nd. This is based on what your roster currently looks like. You could use another high upside Wr(corey davis) but I think your need at rb is greater forcing you to take both...who free agents are in your league also play into this(for all I know, theres plenty of rb's in free agency). I have the 1.01 and 1.03 in my dynasty league and I'm aiming for fournette and mixon because of the free agent wr's in my league that ill fight for later this offseason when bidding begins.
  8. Hated this movie. It had no substance. Granted I am not a movie expert. The plot seemed very boring and thrown together. Seemed like the only good scenes were the flashbacks for each character.
  9. dudes owed 9 million by the Seahawks if he comes back. I wonder what cap implications exist if he were to return and subsequently be cut. I gotta imagine Seahawks would take some dead cap on as a result. that sucks for them if this was to magically play out.
  10. how many offseasons before we can put marshawn lynch to bed for good?
  11. In regard to Glennon, Only difference is that Hoyer and Barkley showed us their maximum potential in Chicago and it was not pretty. As a fan, I don't care about the money spent as long as it does not affect other moves and seeing as how the bears have gone the cheap route with free agents, bringing in a qb for more cost then the two aforementioned that offer that SLIGHT(potential) upside doesn't seem like a problem to me. TO be clear, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment with regard to allocating the money elsewhere, but since these idiots up in Halas Hall weren't looking to pay out on some of these top d players and instead went cheap routes(amukamara, marcus cooper, demps). I'm not sure it made a difference. I know, I know, the thought is maybe they didn't go after those guys because of deals like glennons but all indications within the Chicago market(which I reside in) are that they weren't making a strong push for some of these top d free agents anyway.
  12. Ill avoid going down that deep rabbit hole of what ifs. I have addressed your initial concerns and you pulled new ones. Rick Dennison's last top RB when he was an OC was Arian Foster and he put up career numbers. Ill use facts not speculation. I do not see anything that points to less carries in the redzone SIMPLY BECAUSE the head coach added one of his favorite players in his previous location(Tolbert) and they brought in a legit FB that was needed(which helps McCoy in between the 20s). The goal line guy is going to lose because of those transactions, aka Gillislee. Everyone knows Buffalo was outrageously good at rushing that's not the question. Could the run game open up more with Watkins healthy? yes Will they run less? Its possible but they did bring in a d coach and d coaches, historically, like to run and control the clock and the OC's last top rb that he had use with was a goon and had career numbers so who knows. The main issue I can definitely agree on is that it will be very difficult to sustain that ypc so with that said, sure, he may regress. I just don't agree with the reasons you have stated. Good talk, we shall see how this plays out.
  13. McCoy has never fit the ground and pound philosophy though. and what play calling in the redzone? This is a new staff as you have pointed out with personnel they have never had before- to me its hard to put too much into their playcalling at previous locations. The new offensive coordinator didn't have the talent at rb that McCoy is so looking at his past play calling only gets us so far. If we want to use assumptions I could state that the defensive mentality with the coaches tends to point to an offense that grinds the clock with running....I just don't expect a DRASTIC change in his production. he lost 8 rushing tds to Gillislee. I do not see McCoy's role changing much. I do see Gillislee losing out more than anyone....itll be interesting to monitor. I have McCoy in my dynasty league along with Gurley and, soon, Fournette and Mixon. Personally waiting on that perfect window to move him. Need to ensure my other backs don't bust. You should take a look at the last Top dog rb Dennison had to work with and see how that guy produced...im not going to evaluate his play calling on teams that had no top 5 rb.
  14. and that changes what exactly seeing as how he was already getting vultured TDs? what maybe 1 or 2 less tds? alright, ill entertain that..but his bread and butter isn't goal line work anyway. its in between the 20s and breaking off td's. I don't know that I would put way to much into dimarco and Tolbert coming over.
  15. don't ya just love when a couple people highjack a forum topic with a random argument?