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  1. I don't know about you but when you look at his overall history and the fact that he had two incidents with his knee since his entrance into the NFL, it's impossible not to see a history of injuries, thus injury prone. Oct 21, 2018 NFL Knee Strain Grade 1 Michel missed 2 games with a left knee injury. Aug 4, 2018 NFL Knee Strain Grade 1 Michel had a procedure in early August to have fluid drained from his knee. He returned on August 27 but missed the season opener.
  2. Smh im a bears fan and i would never even think howard could hold hunts' jock strap. Guys a plodder and only fits certain offenses. Hunt is a stud on the field and he would dominate the backfield. He is Cohen and howard combined less a little speed. Fwiw, The Chicago media is blowing the idea up so it would be very hard for the bears to get through that PR. Also, Virginia mccasky is 115 years old and super conservative so i find it hard to believe it would happen.
  3. Well, if you scroll back to summer comments, all along its been that he is going to be a future gem. Gotta keep expectations in check my friend. Hes sitting as my wr4-5 in dynasty league by design.
  4. Broncos may as well avoid trotting freeman out there. 9 in the box each snap.
  5. Bears have two pro browlers on the d line in hicks and mack. Roquan smith is starting to make plays and danny trevathan has been leading the lb group well. They havent played good running teams so far but dont underestimate their run d. Hopefully the pats sling away for this gordon owner.
  6. The tune people would be singing on here would be drastically different if he stretched that extra yard. Darn yard.
  7. Rest up young fella. Need you for the final push.
  8. https://www.fieldgulls.com/2018/10/10/17960248/chris-carson-seahawks-stat-ranking-rushing-running-backs-isaiah-crowell-yards-after-contact-nfl-2018
  9. Having watched every game as a die hard,i can say that is certainly not the case. Its situational my friend, teams know bears are lookin to truck him up the middle when he comes on leading to a lower ypc
  10. How can some of you can confidently state snaps dont matter IN GORDONS SCENARIO? I watched as dorsett lined up again and again. If you want to live on the hope that they tthrow a deep ball on a low snap count, good luck. I get snap count analysis is overrated but to pop poo it is silly in this situation where gordon needs to learn a complex playbook.
  11. Josh gordon getting open each route. Toms able to go to his first look each time so gordon doesnt even get looked at. White and edelman all day.
  12. James white and edeleman will double the count you show. Im cool if brady throws it 35 times.
  13. You named teams with elite rbs. Ill rank the dude with talent stuck behind a non elite rb all day over those guys. To your point, those would be excellent guys to own if the stud got hurt.
  14. You guys are too much. Carson will be the guy when he gets back.