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  1. Thomas Rawls 2017 Season Outlook

    The joy i have currently having rostered carson in week 1 of preseason in leagues that required i pay him a salary is through the roof. Rawls will linger. Hes still solid but man carson has had that special something since day one. It will be interesting to see if pete gives rawls some more work anothee week removed from injury but logic would hopefully prevail giving carson 20 touches
  2. 09.17.2017 - Bills @ Panthers

    what a crap game flow so far.
  3. LeSean McCoy 2017 Season Outlook

    It helps to run behind one of last year's finest O-lines that was kept in tact for this year.
  4. Any Changes?? PPR League!

    No do not drop DMC. Elliott will miss his time. Sit on DMC
  5. Need to drop someone for a K

    I personally stream back up QB's so I would also agree with your thought.
  6. Need to drop someone for a K

    I drop John Brown. Kevin white is close to John but Kevin White doesn't have the sickle cell issue following him and is the #1 in the Bears offense(Yes, not that great but nonetheless) John Brown is also listed as a second string behind JARON brown(although Arians will surely be rotating these guys around often).
  7. Any Changes?? PPR League!

    Weakness: RB With how deep this roster is, I don't imagine there is ANYTHING out there in Free agency but I don't feel comfortable moving one of your wrs. Without seeing every other roster out there I would personally hold. I don't think moving Odell, Cooks, or Allen for a rb would help as it would then leave you thin at wr(depending on how YOU view marshall). Every leagues return varies for top guys so its hard for me to say go flip Odell for a couple GOOD players. Do you see any potential moves out there since you know the landscape of your league? I like your starting Lineup, let it roll.
  8. Standard Scoring- K Allen or....

    Allen offers the safest floor, in my opinion. Gillislee offers the highest upside. I could see him drop 2 tds Tonight just like that. Really comes down to those two. Ultimately, I go Allen until Gillislee shows me what many think he can be
  9. Which Bryant? WHIR

    Trying to figure out who to flex in my dynasty league. I've been mortgaging my draft picks and youth over the last 2 years for this team so this is the year. QB: Brady RB1:Bell RB2:Mccoy WR1:AJ WR2:Cooks Flex:?????? TE: Olson Bench: Mixon Dez Martavis AP Samuel Carson Engram Dez Bryant vs Giants OR Martavis Bryant vs Browns Would like to hear people's thoughts on this one. is Dez just a must start or is he headed toward another Janoris Jenkins shutdown? I think I have settled on Dez but just wondering if anyone has any feedback. I love what Martavis is going to ultimately bring.
  10. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    Have you done the "take away a certain run or two" process with other rbs that produced last year? Its quite telling.
  11. Jamaal Charles 2017 Season Outlook

    all you guys all over Charles jock strap will disappear from this thread when he proves to be a shell of himself. getting hyped over a preseason game? good luck.. with that said, I have shares of Charles but I am keeping it realistic.
  12. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    People can vent, it doesn't mean they wont get criticized for their venting..
  13. Joe Mixon 2017 Outlook

    If your drafting Mixon, you need to know what you are getting. I selected Mixon because I expect him to be killing it during fantasy playoffs in the lead up to being THE man next year; not with the expectation that he will be the guy from day one. Don't expect high year end statistics. If you are selecting him, the most ideal scenario is going to be him taking over when it matters the most down the stretch (matters for those of that can sustain a winning lineup until then). I fully expect him to be a top back when it matters the most.
  14. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    comparing cooks to Brandon Lloyd and Brandon lafell?....ok....Yeah I guess BB traded a 1st rounder to use Cooks as a Brandon Lloyd... I am not entirely ceratin you DO understand the argument that cooks is better then those two.