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  1. Jbern, I am interested for sure as I like the rules you have in place after going through your rulebook- very detailed. I couldn't locate your start up draft date through the rules though(or is this going to start up via auction August 13th?). I am traveling to Jamaica tomorrow until Tuesday 7/25. I can assure you that I am committed and interested. Email me: Leonraul1990@gmail.com
  2. Yeah he becomes an interesting add in Dynasty Startups with this in mind. Guy is still young so if you take him in dynasty you definitely have to know that the 2nd offense will always linger leading to a higher game suspension and so on..
  3. Did I miss something? You guys are arguing about info that is out there already. Was he not visiting friends(indicating he was in a parking lot), with the report stating that 3 cars smelled of weed creating the reasoning for the campus police to roll up(pun intended)? What we should be asking is 1) if the passenger claimed the weed and 2) if the gun was legal and stored according to Texas law, then why was he arrested? I imagine this is going to get dropped. Just my preliminary, UNEDUMUCATED, guess because I don't see any legitimate weight(pun intended) to hold him liable for either charge - assuming the lawyer is telling facts.
  4. MFL is the site to use. Sounds like a huge headache but interesting nonetheless.
  5. I am in dynasty leagues that involve salary cap and contract years so those are ideal as I have learned those require quite a bit of strategy. HOWEVER, I am open to really most formats for dynasty. Any out there? I am obsessively active so no concern on that front.
  6. Yeah fellas...not sure in what universe fournette is still available at 10 but let me join those leagues lol. ill assume it was a misread.
  7. Link to league? What picks do these teams have in upcoming rookie draft? free to play or buy in?
  8. 3rd overall for mixon?? I am all in on Mixon but, wow, what a drunk that guy must be. I would pair up Odell with Thomas.
  9. I misread your topic. I would pass. it is the 5th overall and a 7th rounder for mike Evans right?. if this is a 2 keeper league, are there not legit options in the 7th round still?
  10. This trade involves so much talent that I think it is tough too fully evaluate but with that said, I do not see anything bad here. Essentially, Julio for Doug and Alshon. People are likely complaining about the guy who got Julio but that is pretty good for the Doug and Alshon recipient also. Cousins for mariota...Cook for joe will and doctson...nothing wrong here.
  11. I mean more so for the roster spot being taken. Are there plausible FA's that you foresee could provide a better return then remaining hopeful on MAXX? That plays a large role in answering your question because if there are not better options out there, then definitely hold.
  12. I agree with bean. However, It also really comes down to what replaceable options you have though. I do not imagine you have a full view of that quite yet? Otherwise, yeah, hold.
  13. I mistyped lol. Yeah I will feel pretty good if I can get connor. Thanks for the feedback Death. Always nice to hear opinions outside of direct friends.
  14. Yeah I do not own another pick until pick 20 overall(10 team league). I plan on snagging James Connor with that pick to protect myself from Leveon Bell issues. I then have the 23rd pick. My league is pretty savvy and some of them have bought into the Joe Williams/shannahan hype so I do not foresee Joe Williams getting to me at 20. With this being a salary cap league, guys most of us would want a flier on, will actually be passed on because of the cap ties associated. teams are not willing to sacrifice salary cap for hopeful rookies so I think Joe Williams hype is going to overcome that and push him ahead of some names most of us would take ahead of him.
  15. haha. that is my entire roster excluding my D players. I cleaned house this offseason acquiring some of these major players and plan on filling in with FA's. with a cap, youd be shocked to see that there are QUITE a few good FA options. I think this is where my head is at. Njoku feels like a nice piece to add behind Rudolph with what I already have at rb and wr. Joe Williams seems like a late 2nd rounder from my view. Good point my friend. I really want to hit on a guy without it having to be a handcuff(implies my first guy failed) but reality is reality and Watkins could get hurt again.