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  1. I just traded for this guy. To expect anything substantial would be rediculous. Bill doesnt play around, if gordon isnt fully up to speed quickly, hes not gonna get alot of work. Bill will play mediocre wrs who know their assignments over gordon. So let us hope gordon hits it hard.
  2. Do they churn through rbs though? Since 2010, its essentially been Lacy, Montgomery and Starks. Yes injuries have forced the likes of Brandon Jackson or alexander Green to get involved over the years but I see a team that hasn't exactly had a rb to commit to due to various reasons(typically injuries). I wouldn't say they churn through rbs.
  3. We are going down a deep speculative road but its certainly is possible they wanted to see what Sproles' health would look like this week before pulling Adams up fro P.S. We just don't know yet.
  4. There will always be a segment of the population that hates on cooks even when he shows what people say hes not capable of.
  5. I am a big Marvin hater but that's funny. Never mind that he has had back to back 22 touch games which would amount to over 350 touches in a season.
  6. Carrolls comments lead me to believe carson was dealing with some conditioning issues. That has been documented in the past with carson(when baldwin hounded him about staying on the field last offseason). Then again, its petey.
  7. Rough play calling. I think nagy has the brains to make corrections and get the ball into his playmakers hands moving forward.
  8. He lived into what most people see as far as his talent goes. He seems to move a little quicker now as well. Slimming down surely helped. Huge year coming
  9. Nice soft hands last night and nagy runs rb's to the flats just about every. Single. Play. Mitch is going to be checking down often. I like what i saw after one game.
  10. I want to go ahead and believe the bad weather will lead to short, quick, passes. His forte. Gimme 8 catches.
  11. Adoree jackson appears to be a solid idp returner and starter on defense. Hes improved a ton on the d side as well so the arrow is up.
  12. When you say like in dynasty, how far down the line are you referencing? The variables that worry you may be around for a while. With that said, i just won a bid on him in a dynasty.
  13. Hope your right but the constant rumblings for a rb buried deep continues. They like the guy.
  14. Bingo. Its why ive been able to win. I use analytics and the eye test to project ahead instead of waiting for all the answers to land on the lap. Thats the fun in this game. Of course one of your guys could to down..also part of the game. Mixon has a chance to do big things but hopefully the play calling improves this year.
  15. Not questioning his talent. Just stating a fact for more context- that db lost the ball in the sun otherwise it was probably an INT. He didnt hsve to do anything on that plsy except catch a ball right to him. Again- not arguing his talent just wanted to ensure we all had full context on that td
  16. I have been riding this train since day 1 of training camp last year. My league mates thought i was a psycho for paying this guy in a salary cap league. Ive believed every step of the way including draft night this year. Hes too hungry to allow pundits' words to stop him. Keep denying all you want fellas, hes going to outproduce penny. Ill come eat crow if i am wrong, but i wont be. Ive loved reading all the naysayers every step of the way. Thanks
  17. See me and my league mates have sacks. We arent afraid to go into it with the risks nfl teams carry. We dont wait for the all clear before drafting. I laugh at people who try to defend waiting until the end to draft.if its your preference, fine, but Its gutless. You look at people who draft early as idiots but i look at people who draft late as scared of the risk.
  18. Agreed. Just because your own group of friends don't like him doesn't mean the city feels that way. I live in Chicago so I can attest to his statement being false as he**. Even radio and tv coverage has been positive. AJS's assessment(below) was accurate to what's reverberating across the city.
  19. comparing Henry's catching to Howard's? Both trash at receiving but that's just silly, henry is very much worse. Its not even worth delving into further. We can talk about the numbers all we want but if your not watching, which you cant be if your comparing the two, then its a waste of time. Many variables play into which is a better receiver that they don't control, i.e. qb accuracy. What is hard to argue against is the clear eye test and comfort they show when catching. its not even close.
  20. what a tough scenario. Its hard for me to argue against the logic most are spewing in that quantity of rbs you'd bring in is crucial in a giant league like yours. My only concern is that Mixon is your clear #1, IMO. You could be trading Mixon for an unproven rookie and a RB that's second fiddle(I am a bears fan in Chicago, even though I love cohen, its hard for me to make him the piece that makes this even)
  21. Hilton, IF you have time to determine Luck's state of health and formulate an opinion. With the addition of Jordy Nelson and some of the inconsistencies we saw with Amari, I would feel much more comfortable with a Hilton that has a healthy Luck. I believe Luck will return to form and Hilton will be legitimate value
  22. I will help in return with my opinion backed by analytics. I am in a rebuild and this is an inner division opponent offering a deal. Sterling Shepard Nick Chubb OR Jarvis Landry Kerryon Johnson
  23. Zach miller was a good faith signing after what he went through. That has absolutely ZERO to do with burton. Im a Chicagoan and seeing nonstop flow of news i can tell you burton has had positive praise each step of the way. I dont disagree with your kittle assessment but i just wanted to add context. I like trey burton out of these two.