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  1. He blocked the s--- out of David Lee's dunk but got no block for it WTF
  2. Not sure if I should drop now and quickly get someone else in the lineup for tomorrow or hope he plays..
  3. More blocks please. Yes I'm greedy.
  4. He's out tonight. F this, team falls to bits in the finals.
  5. No, he's a block.
  6. They should start the fantasy playoffs 2-4 weeks earlier. All this resting/shutdown/reduced minutes is bull****.
  7. I hate this prick
  8. s--- the bed in the finals.. Great
  9. Not that bad if you have a bye the first week. I'm thinking of dropping Lou for CJ Miles
  10. Hows does this keep happening? Dumb
  11. What a bum
  12. Feel like dropping this fool.