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  1. Yes take it. I like the assets that you get in return
  2. Depends on your build. If you’re punting efficiency then mostdef doncic and mitchell. If not then the other way around
  3. Which one would be the better player overall for the Rest of Season? 9 cats, 10 teams P.S. my playoff schedule is on week 23, 24, and 25-26 Thanks!
  4. Will there be rest days ahead for him for the remainder of the season?
  5. Judging by ur matchup (kawhi and isaac) i think he will have the edge on blks, and also rebound (esp. if deandre plays). If you want to play it safe then add beasley for sure fire 3s, but i think id rather take chance on bertans cos in addition to 3s, he also may give you a block or 2 (albeit only 50% chance based on his season avg), which who knows might become handy for ur team Thanks for ur help in mine! Oh and the drop is rolo. Marcus would be to precious to be dropped to the wire
  6. Hi thanks! My drop would be prolly Bradley/Osman
  7. I can get tatum + collison as well. Good enough deal?
  8. With recent news of Jrue’s potential decrease of playing time, will it be a good idea to trade him for CP3? This is the best available offer, and Im also relying on Jrue’s assist and steal so CP3 should cover that. my playoff will be on week 23 24 25-26 and all things considered (including cp3’s potential b2b rest) both of these guys will have the same amount of games played. However Rockets will be more competitive than Pelicans who may go to a tank mode. so what are your thoughts on this? Im on a standard 9cat h2h. I can also instead get Tobias Harris but cp3 will be more suitable for my team build (punt fg% reb blk to)
  9. Id say take it. Lowry has more injury & rest risk than bLedsoe, and i think bledsoe would fit ur team better
  10. Waiters if you need 3s, winslo for all around stats
  11. Which side wins ? Jarren Jackson Jr & Middleton v siakam & brook lopez Standard 9 cat h2h, punt fg%, to, and blk