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  1. Interested steven.adams.1160@gmail.com
  2. Pick 2, Gorman, Swaggerty, Larnach

    Gorman for sure. Even though he's a ways away, he has the highest ceiling out of this group. I would go Larnach over Swaggerty. Larnach to me seems to have the higher floor, and possibly even the higher ceiling over Swaggerty.
  3. Kopech or Sixto?

    In a 16 team H2H Categories league which of these two do you prefer? How much difference between the two do you see?
  4. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    20 Team H2H Points League. Keep 22. Sent: AJ Puk Received: Christian Pache, Nate Lowe
  5. Need help with keepers! WHIR

    Agreed with Harper and Mondesi
  6. Pick 7 Keepers for 2019???

    I like the idea of keeping Trea, Mondesi, Andujar, Correa, Trout, Kershaw, and Kluber....
  7. Kershaw or Trea

    I like the Kershaw side here. He's starting to get closer to regaining his form. His line from last night looks bad but his defense was terrible behind him. I don't think he'll ever be as dominant as he was before but he's still in the upper echelon of starters so I think this deal is fair and would take Kershaw.
  8. Tucker Or Nimmo

    I'd lean towards Tucker. Aside from his outburst about a month ago I haven't seen a lot from Nimmo that has got me interested in him. Plus with the prospect pedigree that Tucker has with him I'd go Tucker.
  9. Freeman or Goldschmidt - WHIR

    I'd prefer Freeman to Goldschmidt. Riley here is a bonus. I'd take the Freddie side.
  10. Another Freeman deal.... WHIR

    This deal is far better than the other deals in my opinion, plus you get to keep Carrasco.
  11. Another Freeman deal.... WHIR

    I like this deal for you. Andujar is what sets this deal over the top. I'm assuming you would still have Carrasco and McCullers as your pitching?
  12. I would hold onto Arenado. Thor seems like too much of an injury risk in my opinion. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/706401-enough-to-move-mikolas/
  13. Too much for Freeman?

    Since you can keep Freddie forever I think that makes the deal lean that way. You have solid starting pitching but nothing that blows me away but I think you can make it work.

    I'd target some buy-low candidates when it comes to starting pitchers.
  15. Enough to move Mikolas?