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  1. So I am in a 9cat H2H league with my friends. I'm currently sitting comfortably at second seed and might even go first seed after this weeks matchup. Anyway, could you rate and give your suggestions/recommendations on moves i have to make to take it all? PG: Steph Curry, Rajon Rondo SG: Jimmy Butler, Donovan Mitchell, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Zach Lavine SF: Trevor Ariza PF: Thaddeus Young C: Nikola Jokic, Hassan Whiteside, Rudy Gobert (IL), Myles Turner (IL) Montrezl Harrel, Kyle O'Quinn, Marcus Morris are my streamer players I'm currently good in all categories except TOs (really high TOs) and FGs (not too bad, but not that good), but I believe once Gobert and Turner are back my FG would be better. I'm also not too god with rebounds, but not bad either. My main categories are steals, assists, 3s, points and FTs. I'm still believing I'll be good in blocks once Turner and Gobert play.
  2. Nikola Jokic 2017-18 Season Outlook

    dude needs to play C so that his shots will come from inside. but this coach is garbage
  3. Nikola Jokic 2017-18 Season Outlook

    0/2 3's yesterday 1/5 3's today, not even 4th quarter yet. Just hanging around the perimeters. OMG this coach!
  4. yeah that's what I did. I've also announced that moving forward, for cases like this, this will be the standard
  5. Should I Take This Deal - 100% WHIR

    I'll pass, Kawhi is better in almost every category.
  6. I am the commissioner of our friends league, and one of my friends accidentally dropped Biyombo and added Marvin Williams. He contacted me about the issue at 12:30 midnight, but was already asleep. The CHA vs DET game started at 1:30AM (Philippines) and our settings is at Daily - Today, so I can't reverse the transactions anymore since Marvin Williams has already played. So, my question is can I remove the collected stats from Marvin Williams after dropping him and adding back Biyombo? Because I think it will be unfair for the opponent if I will be adding back Biyombo, but Marvin Williams's stats are already counted to his total. If above is not possible, what could be the best course to take to issues like this? Thanks!
  7. Gobert worth to trade for? WHIR

    So I guess I won big with the trade as he has accepted the offer. I hope Gobert plays to his potential once he comeback or even after allstar. Maybe the past few big games of dragic did the trick. thanks for your inputs
  8. Gobert owner just announced that he’s selling him at low. Is it worth to trade for him (i’m thinking dragic and batum) with his injuries and the jazz just barely hanging on to 10th seed? Im worried that jazz might shut him down soon if they keep on losing.
  9. Is it okay if you send me this spreadsheet? would be a big help @topic IMO, try to deal biyombo + another player for an elite or at least good player. biyombo would be worthless in the playoffs as Vucevic would likely be back by then. Biyombo has good value right now, maybe try to deal it with teams that are grinding for a playoff spot
  10. What to do with turner?

    I also got offered with a blake griffin - myles turner swap. I'm having thoughts of going with the trade, but I'll make the decision maybe once Oladipo's back. Also, everything is dependent on wether Whiteside will be posting a monster of 20/20 with 2 bpg. If he doesn't, I might ship turner and whiteside out. I want to have other opinions on the griffin - turner swap, tho. I'm currently leaning on keeping turner, but I'm just not that sold on letting this offer go (given the fact that turner has played horribly) thoughts?
  11. Brandon Ingram 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    I think that's gonna be huge for you long term as you're in dynasty. We can see how this goes after the all star break because I believe Ingram's gonna come around after the break. (Just like DLo) Ingram's been making shots lately and we all know he's a great shooter!
  12. KCP was a beast today! I was expecting to overtake my opponent in 3's with curry and ariza playing, but hello hello, KCP dropped 6 on me!
  13. Oh okay. Sorry, I'm new here. lol. Thanks
  14. i dont follow. can you explain?
  15. i dont follow. can you explain?