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  1. as per yahoo, next action he'll likely to see would be next week. so if you're confident you could win your current matchup while holding him up (assuming you dont have IR spot, but if you do, stash him!) then do it. as others have said, nuggets would need harris to snatch up that 8th seed so he'll be back soon if possible.
  2. We have 2 IL spots in our league and rd1 of playoffs is next week. Who should I stash and drop?
  3. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    Holding on to FOUR INJURED PLAYERS with only 2 IL spots. Curry Whiteside Butler Wall First round of playoffs will be next week and I have a weaker matchup than others, but with this injuries I'm not sure if I can make it through!! This should've been a cake walk going to the championship, but i will have to decide soon if I'm gonna drop some of these players just to get by
  4. I just hope he'll be 100% come fantasy playoffs!
  5. Josh Jackson 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Frustrating that he got injured while TJ warren was also injured. Huge minutes would've come for Jackson. Still holding him, though.
  6. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    When you have Myles Turner, Rudy Gobert and Hassan Whiteside, but you are currently tied at 14 blocks this week! SMH!!!!!!
  7. Hassan Whiteside 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    He is owned. We have 5 more hours until trade deadline and tobias harris owner wants whiteside
  8. Hassan Whiteside 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    is time to dump his a**? I'm already thinking of swapping him for Tobias Harris!!
  9. DSJ or Fox Rest of Season? WHIR

    you won't go wrong with either. but, for a playoff schedule standpoint DSJ has a slight edge. Dallas has 3-4-4-1 (if last 2 weeks of nba season are combined in your league) while Sacramento only 3-4-2-2
  10. I currently have Myles Turner and I'm really getting impatient with his inconsistencies. Considering the other manager accepts my offer, is this a good trade for me? I have Whiteside, Gobert, Jokic and Jaret Allen for my Centers. So I think I'm already good with blocks with this. Is the upside of Myles Turner still worth it late in the season? I'm in a 9-cat 12 team league, BTW and is sitting pretty at 2nd seed and a possible snatch of 1st seed
  11. pick up de'aaron fox? WHIR

    yeah that's what I thought too. I was leaning on dropping thad young. but steals are really hard to come by so I convinced myself to drop josh jackson instead. I'll be making some trades today to free up some space so that if ever josh jackson is still available after the waiver time, i'll scoop him up in a heartbeat. thanks mate!
  12. Should I use #1 waiver..... WHIR

    payton for sure. most probably he'll be starting at pg and will be a complimentary to booker and josh jackson's play help mine please
  13. take hill. most probably will be the starting pg for cavs. Cavs like to let it rain so hill will most probably benefit from that and he has good 3pt percentage. As for rozier, like other said, he is a 3rd string pg. will only be beneficial if either of the pg's are out. please help with mine
  14. I'm having problems on who to drop for de'aaron fox. with the trade of george hill, fox should get all the mins he want in sacramento and should be good candidate for ROS. I currently have Josh Jackson, Jarret Allen and Josh Hart fresh from FA last week, and are beasting! Josh Jackson and Josh Hart are the most likely that will be suffering from the trades that happen (payton in suns, IT in lakers). Who should I drop to get a hold of Fox? I also have rajon rondo and thad young if you think they are drop candidates too! Need to decide ASAP as fox might get scooped real quick!