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  1. who else is a proud James Harden owner? this guy is arguably the best fantasy player rn
  2. i think you guys are overrating him a little too much
  3. I got him and he played huge today against the Rockets 😁 to everyone that has him or added him recently, you're a lucky man
  4. please someone respond to me i need to know who to pick for my playoff run cause they are both in my FA pool
  5. drop city? seems like love and his minutes played a huge factor in him losing value
  6. He’s still on my wire... is he even worth grabbing what if he’s inconsistent
  7. hes just sitting on my wire, is he even worth getting for playoffs? hows his PO schedule like?
  8. still on my Wire...should i grab him or nah? is he even gonna be useful come playoff time
  9. im starting to think Davis is going to use this injury as an excuse to sit out for the rest of the season.... what do yall think???
  10. I picked him right back .... oh the shame... i hope i dont regret this
  11. if you got him consider yourself a lucky man
  13. millsap has been awful lately.....but derrick white looks like hes emerging also how are the spurs playoff schedule like? so should i do it what do you think?
  14. hes floating on my wire... hows his playoff schedule like anyway?
  15. this guy has been downright AWFUL for me.... is it time for drop city boys?
  16. why does no one talk about this dude? hes an absolute fantasy stud
  17. Why is no one talking about this kid...he’s absolutley balling for my team and I got him for Jeff Teague 😂
  18. someone dropped Larry Nance in my league, idk if hes a forsure thing though should i go pick him up? what do you think? but the thing is i already have Rudy Gay in my IR. thoughts?
  19. Could we just talk about how much a monster this guy has been? Nearly averaging 34 points per game. And 8 dimes on the side.. to whoever drafted him, you’re a smart man.
  20. someone dropped gay in my league out of frustration of repetitive injuries.....should I go and get him?
  21. starting the new year off right with these monster lines.... people should start showing this guy some love hes doing everything and anything to carry the pistons right now
  22. why isn't anyone talking about him??? This guy was sitting on my wire too, I had to pick him up... with Butler gone This could mean more opportunities!!
  23. Drop City, don't keep holding just cause of his name value